Sleeping Through the Night

What have you done to sleep through the whole night? Kris is now trying tart cherry juice, something she read about and it seems to help a bit. When I awake and know “I’m not going back to sleep real soon,” my trick is to stand near a favorite green on a golf course and grab the wedge and imagine chipping onto the green. When I can’t keep my mind on the chipping I’m in trouble and will be awake a while.

Michelle van Loon playfully talks about her relationship with Geraci, a tax lawyer whose TV program she watches in the wee hours:

True confession: I have a slight case of bigamy going.

Relax. I’ve never actually met my other “husband” in person. Though I have been married to the same man since 1979, I have logged quite a few hours over the years—usually between midnight and 5 a.m.—with my other “husband”, Peter Francis Geraci.

Mr. Geraci is a Midwestern bankruptcy lawyer who runs TV commercials in the long hours between midnight and dawn. Let’s be honest. Our one-way relationship (he talks and I listen) would never work in real life….

I was first introduced to Mr. Geraci when I was a new mom, and visited with him over the years when anxiety over this or that shook me awake in the wee hours. At midlife, I am meeting up with Mr. Geraci once again. He hasn’t aged a bit, and he always says the same calming words every time I see him: “Do you feel trapped by credit cards? Twenty-five thousand on cards now means your minimum is a thousand dollars a month.”

Good to know, Mr. Geraci. But really, I just want a good night’s sleep.

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  • Josiah Black

    I turn the alarm clock in such a way that I can no longer see the time displayed. Also, I move any electronic device capable of displaying time well out of reach. I find that if I get a glimpse of the clock, I start fixating on how much sleep I am losing which causes me to lose even more sleep!

  • Susan_G1

    the traditional (which you may know already): warm milk. chamomile tea. melatonin supplements. no bright lights before bedtime (computers, kindles, other.) a book, preferably boring. no alcohol before bedtime, no caffeine after 3 pm. warm feet initially will help you fall asleep, but take the socks off before you doze off, or they will disrupt sleep. memory foam topper. exercise in the morning. no clutter. if you wake up (which will increase as we grow older), don’t get up if you don’t need to. read in bed. if you can’t go back to sleep, some of the above can be repeated. although “sleep hygiene” helps with falling asleep, it deals with staying asleep as well.

  • Alice Shirey

    Love this post! Since I woke up at 2:30 this morning, tried to fall back asleep until 3, then got up and got work done until 5:30, and went back to bed til 8 … it is way too relevant for me. WAY too relevant! A nap is called for, I believe!

  • josenmiami

    I cut back on coffee, drink sleepy time tea at night. Take 2 melatonin. and when I wake up during the night, I move from the bed to the couch and go back to sleep. Sometimes I move the other direction.

  • NateW

    I’ve been waking up around 3am every night lately. Best way to fall back asleep I’ve found is to turn the brightness on my iPad all the way down and play past seasons of tv shows on netflix that I’ve already seen dozens of times (my wife is the self-proclaimed queen of reruns). Anything lighthearted that I’ve seen enough times that I can picture it in my head (so I’m not tempted to open my eyes). The Office and 30 Rock seem to work well.

    I’ve tried Futurama but it’s just too darn funny. : )

  • Lars

    Scot, do you live on a golf course and near your favorite green, or do you just imagine you’re near your favorite green?? I’m trying hard not to imagine you short-sided in your flannel boxers at 2am. Personally, I play the artificial intelligence of Lexulous until I get all vowels or am down by 200 points. Frustration just wears me out…

  • Dianne P

    The time release form of melatonin is important for me. Otherwise, I just wake up at 2-3am. 3 mg a couple of hours before bedtime does it for me.
    Also a tablet or two of magnesium. It’s a natural muscle relaxant. Get the chelated or glycinate form. Avoid the citrate form as it’s a laxative, though all magnesium relaxes the intestines to some degree. (TMI?)