8 Facts about Evolution

From iO9:

Homo sapiens evolved about 200-150,000 years ago in Africa, but our story as a species stretches back much further than that with early human ancestors. And the evolution ofHomo sapiens is itself a tangled tale, full of unanswered questions and gothic family melodrama. Here are a few facts you may not know about the human evolutionary story.

1. Early human beings left Africa over 1 million years ago

2. Humans have incredibly low genetic diversity

3. You may be part Neanderthal

4. The human population crashed about 80,000 years ago

5. Humans navigated the Indian ocean in boats 50,000 years ago

6. Homo sapiens has only had a culture for less than 50,000 years

7. Homo sapiens has always used fire as a tool

8. Homo sapiens is still evolving rapidly

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