Carlos Gets It

From Carlos Whittaker:

I was reading Luke 7:36-50 this morning.
In summary, one of the local Pharisees invited Jesus over for dinner.
Jesus reclined at the table. (Le’t just say how much I can appreciate Jesus’ eating style. I recline like a bad boy myself. See mom! I don’t have to sit up. Jesus didn’t!!!)
A random woman in town found out Jesus was hangin at Pharisee Joe’s house.
The bible says specifically “She was a sinner”
She somehow makes her way INTO the house.

Then he has these observations:

1. Why is every pastor in America not this accessible? There is something broken in our way of ministry.

2. Whatever your excuse is for my point number 1, put yourself in the woman’s shoes… now give your excuse again.
3. This woman represents me. I get her.
4. If you EVER find yourself saying anything about anyone in your church that even remotely resembles what the Pharisees were saying, which I find myself saying a lot, cause I’m human and not Jesus and stuff, PLEASE come back to this scripture.
It will straighten you out.

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