What is Saving TV?


As confirmed by cold, hard consumer data, the television industry is under assault from a variety of entertainment options that have presented themselves with the advent of the internet.

But while it’s true many Americans have been convinced to “cut the cord” by the convenience of Netflix and the freedom of choice offered by YouTube, Nielsen’s year-end TV ratings show that the cable and broadcast networks still have sole possession of one thing many of us simply can’t do without: the National Football League.

Our national pigskin obsession is so great that live NFL football accounted for a staggering nine of the 10 most-watched telecasts of 2013. In an unintentionally hilarious testament to football’s irresistible combination of violence and unpredictability, the top four broadcasts were, in order: The Super Bowl, The Super Bowl (on delay), The Super Bowl (west coast broadcast), and The Super Bowl kick-off show.


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