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The Bible is our only Creed?

Some pastors, preachers, professors, and parishioners will announce they have “no creed but the Bible.” One of America’s Reformed church historians, Carl Trueman, now has a book challenging both the accuracy of this statement (we all have creeds and confessions he observes) and the wisdom of it — not to mention its seemingly inconsistency with [Read More…]

Liberalism Reinvented (by Carl Trueman)

This review is by Carl Trueman, professor at Westminster Theological Seminary, pastor, and one of my favorite church historians. His book, The Creedal Imperative, is a timely reminder that low church doctrinal statements need stronger ties to the great tradition of the church. (Come back at 9:30am today for a summary of that book.) I have [Read More…]

Prayers of [not for] the People

When a church is led by someone praying, often called the intercessor, the prayers are to be the prayers of the people more than prayers for the people, though the intercessor may lead the congregation to pray for people in the congregation or the wider church. In Samuel Wells and Abigail Kocher, Shaping the Prayers of the People, [Read More…]

Bear Barrel Polka

Source: One family that lives in Colorado Springs found their water barrel empty every morning. They tried to discover what was happening at night so they installed a camera. This is what they caught. [Read more…]

Almighty God…

Almighty God, you have built your Church upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone: Grant us so to be joined together in unity of spirit by their teaching, that we may be made a holy temple acceptable to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and [Read More…]

Top Ten Veggies and Fruits

Some good charts and graphs at this site, but here is the Top Ten list: And the Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables Are… Watercress Chinese Cabbage Chard Beet Greens Spinach Chicory Leaf Lettuce Parsley Romain Lettuce Collard Greens Sorry kale lovers: it ranked 15. Other results of interest to me (because these are some of my favorite PFVs): Arugula ranked 18th. And carrots, tomatoes, [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings, 28 June 2014

Image credit Reviving baseball in African American communities — now  I like basketball, but baseball’s a great game! The number of major league baseball players on opening day rosters who identified themselves as African-Americans dropped to 8.3 percent this year. The highest percentage of African-Americans was 19 in 1986, according to Mark Armour of the [Read More…]

President of Nigeria

BY GOODLUCK JONATHAN June 26 at 7:47 PM [More at the link.] Goodluck Jonathan is president of Nigeria. I have had to remain quiet about the continuing efforts by Nigeria’s military, police and investigators to find the girls kidnapped in April from the town of Chibok by the terrorist group Boko Haram. I am deeply concerned, however, [Read More…]

Clergy Robes and Anonymous Notes in Church, by Jason Micheli

Clergy Robes and Anonymous Notes in Church When I was a student at Princeton, I got the chance to hear a lecture delivered by Stanley Hauerwas, a theologian whose work I knew only from the snarky comments I heard whispered by certain professors as I waited on their tables during faculty lunches. Hauerwas was a like [Read More…]

Words without Props (John Frye)

Words without Props, by John Frye I realize I have quite a challenge in reviewing The Story of God Bible Commentary: The Sermon on the Mount by Dr. Scot McKnight. Scot compresses so much into succinct and provocative paragraphs. Living in Grand Rapids, MI, the home of the Amway Corporation, I liken Scot’s writing on [Read More…]