Cam Newton’s Press Conference

Should we give this young man a break?

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — “I know you’re disappointed, not just for yourself but for your teammates. Because you guys talked about how you’re a band of brothers coming in, and this has to be really tough for everyone involved.”

Cam Newton, sporting a hoodie tight as seeming insulation from prying eyes, and slouching dismissively, opened his Super Bowl 50 postgame press conference with a pouting silence in in response to questions about Denver’s defense. And upon hearing that statement, Newton walked off the podium—but not before putting together a single paragraph for the media throng.

“They just played better than us,” he said about the Super Bowl champion Broncos, who thrashed Newton’s Panthers, 24–10. “I don’t know what you want me to say. They made more plays than us, and that’s what it came down to. We had our opportunities. There wasn’t anything special that they did. We dropped balls. We turned the ball over, gave up sacks, threw errant passes. That’s it.”

Well, not really.

The entire situation was not at all a good look. And it was far from the first bad look Newton showed on the day of Super Bowl 50….

By walking off that makeshift podium in the bowels of Levi’s Stadium the way he did, Newton gave all the ammo required to everyone who would prefer that he keeps his head down and shows the kind of humility one would expect from a guest rather than a host. It’s understandable that he felt awful about the way the game turned out, but there are certain responsibilities that come with his job, no matter who you are.

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