Driscoll’s New Church

Look what Kris just found:

The auditorium is a concrete dome that was poured in one day. At the dome’s center-point is a large blue stained glass skylight. The unique design also includes a 14-foot-tall wooden cross that has stood in the building since its construction. It was hewn from a tree believed to be upwards of 4,000 years old, and as stated in a booklet about the church, “Abraham walked the earth when this tree was thrusting its first tender roots…” Interestingly, there is also a fountain in the auditorium that the founding pastor named “The Trinity Fountain.”

Pastor Mark says that this building definitely stands out. “I have been in hundreds of churches and never seen one like this. It is quirky. Upon entering it for the first time, our children said it reminded them of a space ship”, he says. Curiously enough, the building opened the same year that Star Trek debuted – 1966.

Pastor Mark and his family moved to the Phoenix valley last year. After spending months praying specifically for a church building with 1,000+ seats along the 101 Freeway, Pastor Mark believes that God has supernaturally provided. Like most older church buildings, this one needs some service projects and financial investment to make it a good home, but we are excited about its potential.

We know that God has gone before us, preparing an opportunity to minister. This building provides a wonderful opportunity for our mission:

We open our Bibles to learn. We open our lives to love.

Pastor Mark couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity for evangelism that God has provided The Trinity Church, and is praying every day for the people who will meet Jesus Christ in this building. He also looks forward to ongoing partnership with other pastors as part of Jesus’ one big Church in the valley. He says, “God is planting The Trinity Church and we are following his leadership. God has a plan that has been fifty years in the making. My youngest son and I first walked around the building after baseball practice late one night. Still in his uniform, under the moonlight of a warm and clear desert evening, my little buddy folded his hands and prayed that Jesus would provide us the building to worship Him in. God answered his prayer! God has provided a home for The Trinity Church”.

If you live in the valley we welcome you to join us this Easter at 5pm for our humble beginning. We are excited to see what plans God has for the future of His church. Together, we can plant a great church that is a great help to a great number of people to the glory of our great God. We are eager to meet you!

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