The Girls Scouts of Memorial Day


LONGVIEW, Texas – In preparation for Memorial Day Monday, a Longview, Texas, Girl Scout troop spent a couple hours placing hundreds of flags on veterans’ graves.

For five years now, Longview Girl Scout Troop 2473 has been placing flags on veterans’ graves at Rosewood Park right before Memorial Day weekend. Johnny Greathouse is the general manager of Rosewood Park and said this type of help is necessary for his business.

“We’ve always relied on volunteers to help do community events and things like this,” Greathouse said. “The girls are really special, and it’s so great to have them here.”

Greathouse also said having all so many American flags spread out around his park is comforting for people on Memorial Day.

“We have a lot of high traffic on Memorial Day weekend and a lot of families will be out here visiting their loved ones,” Greathouse said. “The flags are super special to them.”

Jayla Robertson and Maddie McCracken are both 11-year-old Girl Scouts who have been a part of this tradition for years. They also say this activity is special for them.

“I really like doing this because we get to honor great people,” Jayla said. “They fought for the American flag, so it’s important to thank them for that with the American flag.”

“I like honoring the people who did service for our country,” Maddie said. “You get a really good feeling getting to do this.”

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