Another Prayer for Orlando

Prayed today by Graham Cole at Church of the Redeemer:

Loving God,
whose Son was both victim and victor,
we cry to you for the victims of violence.
Be with them in confusion and pain.
Heal the wounds of body and mind;
break open the prisons of fear, self-doubt and despair;
strengthen them to face the future with faith, hope & courage.
Enable us to listen, to believe and to love.
Reach out to them with your love,
that they may be made whole in body, mind and spirit,
through the healing touch of the suffering Christ. Amen.

Judge of all the earth,
God of justice,
we bring before you all who perpetrate violence.
Turn the hearts of the violent from the way of evil.
Fill them with a hatred of the damage they do,
so bringing them to true repentance
and amendment of their lives,
for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.

(From “A Prayer Book for Australia,” The Anglican Church of Australia 1995)

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