July 4 and the Church

Many pastors today are struggling with a topic and it’s a tough one to bring up in the church. Many don’t know where to go or what to do, but it’s basically this:

Many today are uncomfortable, in fact downright wondering if it is idolatrous, with the presence of American patriotism and nationalism in churches on July 4.

So, the questions that deserve a good conversation: What do you do for or on July 4 in your church? Do you find the presentation of the flag to be a lessening of allegiance to God and to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Do you think this is an issue? If you are a patriot, do you see why your brothers and sisters are uncomfortable with pledging allegiance? If you are uncomfortable, do you see the value or do you respect those who honor a country for its history and heritage?

Roger Olson distinguishes patriotism from nationalism: does that help?

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