Olympians at Prayer


1. The U.S. women’s relay teams praying live on camera after winning both the 4X100 and the 4X400 meter relays.

Not only did our U.S. women’s relay team dominate the 4X100m and the 4X400m relay races, but they prayed live on camera immediately after their win. Allyson Felix, who ran in both races, herded her teammates into a huddle before they took their victory lap and they bowed their heads in prayer.

3. Gold medalist beams about ‘glorifying God’ after historic U.S. women’s sweep on the track.

Team USA swept the 100m hurdles for the first time ever – and they knew who to praise for the accomplishment. Gold medalist Briana Rollins, silver medalist Laila Ali and bronze medalist Kristi Castlin spoke with NBC after their race. Rollins said the three of them prayed before the race and their main goal was to “glorify God.”

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