Howard Snyder and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Well known Christian leader Howard Snyder reviews a recent book — called HRC.


HRC is well worth reading, whatever your politics. It is a good counterpoint both to the noxiously anti-Hillary books and online trash and to the pro-Hillary propaganda. The Hillary Clinton portrayed here is consistent with what I’ve read and heard previously over the years.

The authors do a pretty good job of describing Hillary Clinton’s political views and policy positions. They note her conviction that government, business, and non-government organizations (NGOs) should work together for the common good. That it is the role of government to catalyze such cooperation. And that government’s primary concern beyond the basics of public order and national security is to be the advocate and defender of the poor, the victimized, and the public generally, not of privileged special interests. This concern is of course biblical.

I generally liked the book, despite the fact that the authors occasionally include crude language. I thought this unnecessary, though in most cases this comes from their quoted sources.

The often caustic political columnist Maureen Dowd has several times used this remark by a Clinton White House aide: “Hillary, though a Methodist, thinks of herself as an Episcopal bishop who deserves to live at the level of her wealthy parishioners, in return for devoting her life to God and good works.” Whether the remark is fair or not, it does echo the public perception paradox of a person who has both served the public and given the appearance (unfortunately common in many influential public figures and high-profile religious leaders) that she is entitled to live and function according to her own set of rules.

The Hillary Clinton pictured in HRC is immensely talented, smart, hardworking, experienced, knowledgeable, and informed. Certainly she is capable of being President of the United States, more so than any other current candidate. She is, I suppose, as flawed as John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and most other capable U.S. Presidents. Whether she can persuade a winnable majority of U.S. citizens that she is the best choice to be the next President will become evident in a few weeks.


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