Election Revelations

This election season has been nothing less than a colossal — call it apocalyptic — revelation. How so?

I wonder if these patterns are characteristic of the United Kingdom and Continental European countries as well?

The church now has a profile for its mission: these divisions can be addressed in creative ways by the church. How is your church crossing these election revelations of division?

I have seen a number of discussions claim Trump is not a “true” or “real” Republican, yet his support is quite obviously from Republicans. Revelation: there has been all along, at least since the shift of Southern Democrats from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan, a solid core of Republicans who think along the lines of Trump. It might be fair — though I’m happy to hear more facts and numbers on this one — to say this is the uneducated white mostly male and shading toward older ages.

(I wonder if this isn’t a “third” party in the USA — a party within the Republican Party?)

Trump can try to put women behind him on the TV screen when he rallies his crowds but the facts are embarrassingly undeniable: women are voting for Hillary Clinton and not for Trump. Revelation: America is deeply divided politically along gender lines.

These two graphs from 538 are revealing:

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 7.36.38 AM Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 7.36.26 AM

Minority representation in voting is not a revelation this election for African Americans and Latin Americans continue to support Democrats and are voting for Clinton. Revelation nonetheless: America is deeply divided ethnically and racially.

From the new CNN/ORC poll — reformatted:

  1. Women break for Clinton (53% to 38%) while men shift Trump’s way (54% to 32%).
  2. Among women, those who are unmarried make up the core of her support, 73% of unmarried women back Clinton compared with just 36% of married women.
  3. Among men, no such marriage gap emerges, as both unmarried and married men favor Trump.
  4. Younger voters are in Clinton’s corner (54% to 29% among those under age 45) while the older ones are more apt to back Trump (54% to 39% among those age 45 or older).
  5. Whites mostly support Trump (55% to 34%), while non-whites favor Clinton by a nearly 4-to-1 margin (71% to 18%).
  6. Most college grads back Clinton while those without degrees mostly support Trump, and that divide deepens among white voters.
  7. Whites who do not hold college degrees support Trump by an almost 3-to-1 margin (68% to 24%) while whites who do have college degrees split 49% for Clinton to 36% for Trump and 11% for Johnson.

The Profile:

Trump: White males, married or unmarried males, older, non-college educated.

Clinton: Non-white, females and esp unmarried females, younger, college educated.

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