Willow Creek Goes Jesus Creed!

Robert McCoppin:

As an antidote to the nastiness of the presidential election, a prominent local church is trying to instill a bit of the sacred in a profane campaign.

On Monday, some commuters in Chicago will be greeted on their way to work with the message, “Love Everyone, Always.”

The Biblically inspired admonition will appear on electronic billboards at Ogilvie Transportation Center downtown, on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway at Elmhurst Road and other prominent locations in the Chicago area. Volunteers will also hand out the slogan on bumper stickers and it will appear on yard signs and t-shirts as well.

The campaign is sponsored and was created by Willow Creek Community Church, a Christian evangelical megachurch that boasts more than 25,000 members and is headquartered in South Barrington, with seven other campuses in and around Chicago.

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