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I love working at Northern Seminary because we are serving God’s Kingdom every day.  We prepare students to become future pastors and positively impact their communities with the same effect of a rock being dropped into a mirrored lake…the impact forms rings which continue to grow and expand outward.  That’s exactly what our graduates do in sharing God’s word!

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One of our current students, Tash, felt God’s leading to attend Northern seminary but she was in need of financial support to fulfil what God put on her heart to do.  God provided!  Tash was awarded a scholarship, and she is very excited about moving forward to answer God’s call to serve the Kingdom!  It couldn’t have been made possible without partners and friends like you.

This Tuesday is a special day for charities worldwide called:  “Giving Tuesday.”   You may receive a lot of requests to support many worthy projects and I realize you can’t support them all.  Instead of a mass mailing campaign, we are taking a more personal approach.  I was simply asked to send this email to 10 of my friends/family members who love the Lord and enjoy helping others.  As I stated in the subject line, “You are one of my ten!”

Our goal is to raise $200,000 with the funds to be used to train students for ministry by attending Northern Seminary.  Please join me and Make an online gift today!  Click on this secured link and then DONATE NOW to give your tax deductible gift.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!   (Please feel free to share this email with ten of your closest friends and family!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.  It would be great to hear from you!

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


P.S.  – To learn more about our Northern Seminary #GivingTuesday please visit our website atwww.seminary.edu/givingtuesday.



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