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There is still time to apply for my New Testament Context Doctorate of Ministry.   There are only 3 spots left, so apply today!  (application deadline is June 5th.)

Course Schedule

The courses meet in January and summer of each year. A course/class meets for one week long intensive, five days per week, beginning on Monday at 9 a.m. and ending on Friday around noon. This is a wonderful format for DMin study and it allows you to focus for about 5-6 months on each course.

Courses (but not the order of courses)

  1. The NT and its World 1
  2. The NT and its World 2
  3. The NT and its World 3
  4. Biblical, Historical and Theological Method
  5. Becoming Doctors of the Church (Rodney Reeves)
  6. Trip to Israel: Education Beyond the Books
  7. Thesis Design

Apply today and let’s study the New Testament and acquire some 1st Century ears for 1st Century questions so we can explore 21st Century issues.

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