Weekly Meanderings, 10 June 2017

Good for them!

More than $90,000 worth of new baseball equipment is heading to hundreds of kids who play on Little League teams on the South and West sides.

Bats, gloves, bases, uniforms and catcher’s gear were among the items donated Wednesday through a new partnership between Cubs Charities — which provided a $25,000 contribution — and Good Sports, a nonprofit based in Massachusetts that works with equipment manufacturers to distribute sports gear and apparel to disadvantaged youths.

The more equipment available to the Little Leagues, the more kids can sign up to play. And kids who play are more likely to be combating childhood obesity and spending less time on the streets.

“It keeps them out of trouble. It gives them a productive, constructive activity to do,” said Courtney Schermerhorn, Good Sports senior partnership manager. “They can reap the benefits of being part of the team and being active.”

Cubs employees sorted through more than 700 pieces of equipment Wednesday at the Park at Wrigley, the outdoor plaza adjacent to Wrigley Field. They distributed boxes to representatives of six leagues: Roberto Clemente Little League in Humboldt Park, Garfield Park Little League and Near West Little League on the West Side, Canaryville Little League on the South Side, Teamwork Englewood and B.I.G. Baseball Academy in Englewood.

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