J.J. Watt is a superhuman. What he does on the field, like playing despite having a bone in his finger cut through his skin, is evidence of such. But it’s his recent off-the-field efforts to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey that has elevated him to legendary status.

The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year launched a fund on to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 26 with an initial goal of $200,000. At the time, that seemed like a sizable yet attainable goal. In hindsight, perhaps Watt (and the rest of us) underestimated humanity’s goodwill and willingness to help others in need.

Watt recently closed the fundraiser after raising an astonishing $37,097,298, which is more than 185 times his initial goal. More than 200,000 people donated, meaning  Watt got as many donors as he expected dollars.

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