Do You Read Sermons? Whose?

photo-1473261912432-55081882c1fb_optI am reader of sermons.

Not that I read one a day or anything like that, but I’ve had many special moments reading sermons over the years.

I’ve read them for spiritual formation, for sermon models and for suggestions to improve my own communication.

Who are your favorites? What do you get from reading sermons?

I’ve read sermons from all sorts, and these are those I’ve read from the most:

R. Bultmann, This World and Beyond

K. Barth, God in Action and Deliverance to the Captives

F. Craddock, Collected Sermons

Martin Luther King Jr., A Gift of Love

Fleming Rutledge, Not Ashamed of the Gospel

W. Brueggemann, Collected Sermons

W. Willimon, Collected Sermons

Barbara Brown Taylor, Home By Another Way

E. Peterson, As Kingfishers Catch Fire

CK Barrett, Classic Sermons

Charles Spurgeon, Sermons

"Pairs of Christians working together are the basic building block of the NT Church."

Wesley Hill, Spiritual Friendships
"Thanks for this fine article. Needs editing in a few places for missing letters etc."

Wesley Hill, Spiritual Friendships
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