Rodney Reeves And Matthew

Rodney Reeves And Matthew November 5, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 2.19.11 PMI am so happy to see another book appear in the Story of God Bible Commentary.

This one by Rodney Reeves, on Matthew.

This one will help you with your Advent sermons.

OK, I’m biased — I’m a general editor with Tremper Longman, but Rodney’s commentary is special:

He’s got all those years of pastoring behind him that bring to his Living the Story realities and perspectives and dimensions that are needed by so many pastors and preachers today.

He’s also a professor who knows his New Testament the Gospels, and those features are visible in every passage.

As a professor he has angles on passages that illustrate teaching theory and how such passages need to be understood before they are “applied” and sensitively adjusted to bring the into world.

He’s got great stories.

One. After. Another.

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