Webinar on the Book of Revelation

Let’s be real. How much do you pay attention to the book of Revelation? How do you read the Book of Revelation? How many arguments are there about the Book of Revelation? Why are so many of the battles about this book about such — if I may — trivial pursuits?
Many today have learned to ignore and not even read the Book of Revelation because of the trivial pursuits.

If the New Testament were a neighborhood, the book of Revelation would be the abandoned haunted house on the end of the street.

Revelation is often feared and utterly ignored by many churches. The language is extreme, and the images are frightening. I want to help by taking you inside the book of Revelation to show you it is anything but a haunted house.

It’s a palace of good news.

In this free Webinar you will:
• Get an outline of the different approaches to read the book of Revelation.
• Develop the confidence to understand Revelation by gaining an awareness of how it fits into the overall story of the Bible.
* Discover the Big Ideas and relativize the trivial pursuits.
• Learn how and why the message of Revelation is important for your church.
• Have the opportunity to ask me your questions about Revelation.

CLICK HERE to register and save your seat!

Webinar Details:  

  • Date: 1/24/18 Time: 9 am ET10 am CT11 am MT12 pm PT
  • (If you can’t make it at this time go ahead and register … you will be missed, but we will send you a Video replay.)
  • Hashtag #Revelationwebinar
  • Login: After you register a link will be emailed to you in advance of the webinar.

Hope to see you there!

In case the links didn’t go through on the email you can use this link to registration: https://goo.gl/9DfMUE
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