DMin in Transformative Discipleship


In partnership with the Apprentice Institute



The focus is: Christian Transformation through Narratives, Practices, and Community

The goal of this program is to provide Christian leaders with a deep experience in personal discipleship while simultaneously growing in the capacity to bring transformation to others within their own ministry context.

  • Become a member of a spiritual discipleship cohort, gathering four times over a period 18-months in retreat with the staff and faculty of the Apprentice Institute.
  • In between the intensives, students deepen their learning as they interact and reflect biblically and theologically with their seminary professors through meaningful academic assignments.
  • The curriculum includes four cohort gatherings, three core Doctor of Ministry courses, and concludes with a practical thesis project.
  • The curriculum is based on James Bryan Smith’s “Triangle of Transformation: Narratives, Practices, and Community.”
  • The DMin is earned in only 43 months.

Institute and Seminary Faculty

James Bryan Smith                    Scot McKnight                                   Shane Claiborne

Matthew Elliot                           Keith Matthews                    Jill Sidler Fleagle

Jan Johnson                                John Carroll                           Geoff Holsclaw

New cohort will be forming September, 2018.



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