Thank You Rod Dreher, Shame On Rick Patrick

From American Conservative [HT: BCM]

A woman claims she was raped at a Southern Baptist seminary led by Paige Patterson, who urged her to stay silent about it (“They shamed the crap out of me,” she told the Post), and then put her on probation for two years (the victim does not know why, but she senses that it was because she let a man into her home). And [Rick Patrick] the pastor of First Baptist Church of Sylacauga, Alabama, makes fun of her, of the rape, and of Southern Baptist men who have publicly spoken out against Patterson’s prior remarks about women and violence!

What is wrong with Paige Patterson, Rick Patrick, and men like them? What kind of Jesus do they serve? Shame on them. The anonymous woman in the Poststory said she only told her husband last week about her rape. If that was the rape of my wife — or sister, or daughter — that Rick Patrick was talking smack about…

How will the women in Rick Patrick’s church take a word he says seriously after that? What kind of example is he for the boys and men of the church? And Paige Patterson, what kind of example is he?

A very heavy reckoning is coming for Southern Baptists. It’s already here. Those who defend Patterson’s actions here, and Rick Patrick’s, may think that they’re standing up to liberals, but what they’re really doing is destroying the denomination’s moral authority.

Think of it! A female seminarian says she was raped at a Southern Baptist seminary, was pressured to stay quiet about it and not to go to the police — and now a prominent conservative Southern Baptist pastor is mocking her on social media.

Mene, mene, tekel upharsin, y’all.

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