Living the Jesus Creed this February

By Michelle Van Loon and Hear O Israel, the Lord our God. The Lord is One. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these. Readers familiar [Read More…]

Great, Great Idea

kgalgano Everyone loves tiny houses these days, and everyone hates that there are so many homeless people in our country who have served to defend it in the military. Now, a group in Missouri is taking this love/hate dynamic and putting together an incredible idea. An organization called Veterans Community project has built an entire [Read More…]

When the Secular is the Sacred

In Kenneth Woodward’s fantastic new book, Getting Religion: Faith, Culture, and Politics from the Age of Eisenhower to the Era of Obama, we are treated to an accessible, insightful, and critical examination of Christianity in the 1960s, which Woodward knows can be extended five years either way, in which his thesis is ever-so-telling and right: the [Read More…]

I Have a Bean! Watch This, Please

This is my coffee roaster. I was first given some of the coffee by Gene Green at Wheaton and then I began to buy it monthly. Thank you Leonard. I Have a Bean [Read more…]

Should You Take Communion This Week?

By Sean Palmer Sean Palmer is the lead Pastor at the Vine Church in Temple Texas. You can follow him @SeanPalmer I wonder how many of us shouldn’t take communion this Sunday?  At my church, just like many others, to share communion is also to share in making the public confession that “Jesus is Lord.” [Read More…]

Dear Mr. Franklin Graham

By Northern Seminary student, Nate Ray, a Minnesota, a sensitive and solid pastor, and also a splendid student in our classes. I like the tone of Nate Ray in this letter. Dear Mr. Graham, I’ve recently read some of your comments on the role of government with admitting refugees, and I think you’ve oversimplified a [Read More…]

How Much $$$$ is that Wedding?

Kathryn Vasel: The average cost of a wedding climbed to a record high of $35,329 last year, according to The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings study. That’s up 8% from the 2015 average. Meanwhile, the number of guests has dropped. “Couples are spending their budgets to focus on guests, they are taking care of them and [Read More…]

Embedded Religion

In one of the best reads of the last few months, Kenneth Woodward, Getting Religion: Faith, Culture, and Politics from the Age of Eisenhower to the Era of Obama, opens with some insights into what he calls “embedded religion.” Many of the younger leaders in our churches today don’t know the story of the older leaders, [Read More…]

Communal Conversion

Matthew H. Russell, HT: JS If Dietrich Bonhoeffer is correct and “Christ exists as community,” then the process of belonging to the community is indissolvably bound to the process of coming to believe that Jesus is Lord. At Mercy Street, this movement became critically linked to the essential question of Christianity: “Who are you, Jesus?” [Read More…]

Why Be Anglican: The Collects

The collects of the church reveal the church’s practices and beliefs about prayer; a collect is a set prayer for a set time in the church calendar. In them we see the church’s theology of prayer come to expression. I posted about the collects here and included a reference to a fine book “collecting” the collects: C. [Read More…]