The Conversation Shifts

Since 1977 there has been a regular conversation among those who study the New Testament, especially those studying the theology of the apostle Paul. In 1977 E.P. Sanders published his magisterial Paul and Palestinian Judaism and unleashed forces at work (from G.F. Moore to K. Stendahl) to form what my own professor, James D.G. Dunn, called [Read More...]

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles — and others

In addition to the Books of the Year recommendations for books to stash under the Christmas Tree, I want to recommend another one for the kids in your life. To parents and grandparents, to aunts and uncles and — to others as well. Last Sunday at church a friend, a Christian grade school teacher, told [Read More...]

Christmas with Ann Voskamp

Some of you may not know Ann Voskamp, some of you adore her. Years ago I made contact with Ann through my blog and I have watched her blog and then widespread acceptance of her book One Thousand Gifts and I am happy to commend her Christmas book from last year called  The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping [Read More...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Alex Orlov: Go to the link to read explanations and a fuller report. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to boost your mood if you’re experiencing an energy dip this winter. Here are some of the best expert-backed strategies. 1. Soak up morning sunshine. 2. Maintain your routine. 3. Work it out. 4. Flip a [Read More...]

The Hidden Sexism of Untold Stories (Sean Palmer)

The Hidden Sexism of Untold Stories Women are treated horribly in many American churches. I don’t believe this is because they are excluded from membership or made to sit on back rows or in the balconies of church sanctuaries as African-Americans were once made to do. They are horribly treated because their presence is largely [Read More...]

Less for Tech (by Jeff Cook)

Spend Less on Tech, More on Wine (by Jeff Cook) A wedding at taco bell is clever but lacks some of the holy. I was baptized in a hot tub. I’m still bummed I didn’t wait for a more celebratory time and space. I am aware there isn’t a secular/sacred divide (“for the earth is [Read More...]

Crime and Imprisonment: Does the system work? (No.)

SMcK: I’m not sure we have any “purpose” other than retributive justice in too much of our system. Is it a place to punish or is it a place to work for restoration? Benjamin L. Corey: 10.2 million people sit in prison cells today around the world– and almost half of them are right here, in the [Read More...]

Why Are Women Leaving the Church?

Sandra Crawford Williamson — at the link you can read her fuller post, which I have cut down to these four major points: Does your church minister to all women?  We need to figure out quickly how to recognize, encourage, and spiritually lead these [professional] women. Barna and others say as many as 27% of professional Christian [Read More...]

The Original American Creation-Evolution Debate

When it comes to evolution vs. creation, American history story-telling focuses on none other than William Jennings Bryan and the famous Scopes trial in Dayton, TN. But the first major evolution vs. creation debate occurred in the South, it was almost entirely confined to Southern Presbyterians, and it was one string in a cultural knot: [Read More...]

To Scot from Scot (2014)

Let the annual guessing contest commence! (And T, you are eligible again.) I bought myself a Christmas gift, knowing that way I’d get what I really do want, and I wrapped it up and now you can guess what it is. The winner can choose a copy of one of my recent books (Kingdom Conspiracy, [Read More...]