In the Footsteps Tour

Northern Seminary is sponsoring a tour to Turkey and Greece to visit the sits of the apostles Paul and John. And I will be the lead teacher. Our tour will be nearly two weeks long and we will visit major cities and sites. The tour also will include a marvelous stop at none other than [Read More...]

G.B. Caird, NT Theology, p. 1

Here is the original handwritten draft of page one of his New Testament Theology: [Read more...]

Every Body Loves Authenticity, until…

… it is they who need to be authentic. But my friend at Church of the Redeemer, Donald Nwankwo posts these five reasons for not being authentic with others: Sometimes, the dilemma of authenticity can be a real challenge for a few reasons. I have attempted to identify just five of those below. Let’s look [Read More...]

Encountering God in Prayer

One of the themes Tim Keller presses us to see in his new book on prayer (Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God) is that prayer is a conversation with God on the basis of the Bible’s words. We listen to God through reading and pondering and meditating over Scripture and then we pray to [Read More...]

Peter King on Jay Cutler (for football fans)

Peter King: [Jay] Cutler is an easy target, because of his laissez-faire look. Those who really like the guy say that’s just his way. There are other quarterbacks who give off a similar look. Carson Palmer, for instance. But ask Palmer’s teammates how they felt when he went down for the season on Sunday. “A [Read More...]

Pondering the Church Calendar

Every year about this time, which means just before Advent begins, churches and church leaders ponder the church calendar. I got a calendar in the mail recently that begins the year on Dec 1 (not Jan 1), and it’s an attempt to reshape our minds and lives around a new kind of calendar — actually, [Read More...]

The Bible: Uncut (by Collin Packer)

“The Bible: Uncut” (by Collin Packer) My childhood heroes weren’t Superman, Spiderman, or The Hulk. My superheroes were named Daniel, David, and Moses. That opener sounds like a sad tale from a child who grew up in a home with parents who denied me the pleasure of cable television in an effort to keep me [Read More...]

On Taming Jesus

When do we tame Jesus? when is the Jesus of the Gospels and the Jesus of our faith tamed? If spirituality is formation into Christlikeness then taming Jesus diminishes spiritual formation. Where has our formation been shortened by taming the Jesus toward whom we are to grow? Most of our taming of Jesus is invisible to [Read More...]

Interview with Brad Strait: Finding a New Start

Finding a New Start A Discussion with Scot McKnight    Below is an online interview/dialogue on spiritual growth I had with Dr. Scot McKnight, a New Testament Professor at Northern Seminary and the  author of Christianity Today’s Book of the Year, The Jesus Creed. This dialectic is offered both here and on Scot’s blog on Brad: Honestly, I think many [Read More...]

Teaching Discipleship to Youth

In his suggestive probing of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on a scent for the impact of DB’s own ministry to youth, Andrew Root discovers that DB’s theology was shaped by his ministry to youth. All found in Andrew Root, Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker. Which leads to a question many of us have perhaps asked: When [Read More...]