The Battle Rumbles Along: The Trinity of Complementarians

The battle rumbles along: one side of the historic Reformed have announced that the complementarian–focused Bruce Ware and Wayne Grudem have a faulty theory of the Trinity, and they have come back to announce they are fully orthodox. The issue here is the eternal subordination of the Son. Which they use, though in these newest statements [Read More…]

Stand Up to Get ‘Er Done!

Megan McDonough: [SMcK: Yes, I’m biased. Yes, I stand at my desk.] Are standing desks as beneficial as they are trendy? According to a new study by Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health, they are — but not just for workers’ health. The popular desks also improved their productivity – significantly. [Read More…]

Is it New? Yes. Is it Orthodox? No.

I speak here of the eternal subordination of the Son, of a teaching that some Reformed theologians are saying fellow Reformed types are not only not consistent with the Reformed tradition but are flirting with idolatry if not heresy. There are three posts of late at Mortification of Spin, two by Liam Goligher and one [Read More…]

Ann Voskamp on Stanford

Ann Voskamp: (go to think link to read her whole, exceptional post) Son. When the prevailing thinking is boys will be boys — girls will be garbage. When the prevailing thinking is boys will be boys — girls will be garbage. And that is never the heart of God. That’s what you have to get, [Read More…]

Education: A Fresh Approach

Source: After 12 years as principal of Clintondale High School, Greg Green had a bad feeling: He knew his school was failing its students. Especially the at-risk ones. Only 63% of the kids at Clintondale went on to college, and 35% didn’t even make it though high school. It was rated as one of the [Read More…]

Trusting the Table to Let Them Grow Together

By Joe James, the Education minister at the SouthSide Church of Christ in Rogers Arkansas. Trusting the Table (4): Let Them Grow Together “Trusting the Table” is my name for the Third Way in a world that pulls us in two directions: conservative and progressive. In my previous posts, I have argued that conservatives root [Read More…]

So a Rich Religious Man Meets Jesus

John 3:16 is the Church’s most favorite Bible verse. In it one finds the heart of the Gospel of John, the heart of God for humans and the heart of Jesus for everyone. This most popular of Bible verses then is the heart of God in the heart of the Bible. To get us going, [Read More…]

TGC’s Blocking Brigade?

Jonathan Merritt, at RNS, writes about TGC’s habit of blocking its critics, and I have no idea if I’m blocked or not. Blocking is needed in the blog world, but in 12+ years of blogging here at Jesus Creed I’ve had to block less than 15 people (I would estimate). Used with permission by Jonathan. [Read More…]


To catch how radical his vision really was, we need to enter into a different worldview and a different mindset — we need to go back, and behind where we usually go, to the world of Paul to see what he was actually trying to accomplish. As James Thompson, in The Church according to Paul, puts [Read More…]

Yawns and Hiccups

From Cleveland Clinic: Throughout the ages, people have wondered and invented explanations – some reasonable and some quite far-fetched – as to why we yawn, hiccup and get goosebumps. Centuries ago, people claimed hiccups meant a growth spurt for children, that you should cover your mouth during a yawn to prevent your soul from leaving [Read More…]