CBMW, Denny Burk and Aimee Byrd

Aimee Byrd’s recent post on Denny Burk‘s recent statement is worth a reading of the whole post, but this clip gets to one of the main points of contention: Burk concludes that there is no need for CBMW to get involved in this Trinity stuff anymore and paints a picture as if CBMW’s teaching has [Read More…]

Character Counts: Well Done, Jonathan Merritt

Jonathan Merritt: “Character counts.” That was evangelicals’ rallying cry in their all-out assault against Bill Clinton beginning in 1993. In response to what they perceived as widespread moral decline, some religious groups had become aligned with the Republican Party during the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations. To them, the allegedly draft-dodging, pot-smoking, honesty-challenged [Read More…]

Rethinking: Kingdom

Today I want to rethink what we mean by the term “kingdom.”  I see two predominant uses though some might prefer that I saw three; these two are reductions and my terms attempt to get to the essential theme: Social justice: “when good people do good things in the public sector for the common good.” [Read More…]

Gaye Clark and Sean Palmer

Sean Palmer at Missio Alliance: Three Confessions Ms. Clark Said, but Didn’t Say Without examination, many people – of all races – believe in preferable whiteness. It may have been the demythologizing of Caucasian greatness that stunned Gaye Clark when her daughter brought home someone she didn’t associate with greatness. For my part, I’m grateful she [Read More…]

My Sister, the Muslim

The author of this blog post is a missionary in North Africa with Pioneer Bible Translators. She, along with her husband and two little girls, lives on the outskirts of a refugee camp working to facilitate disciple-making, Bible translation and mother tongue literacy among two least-reached Muslim groups. Her favorite things about North Africa include [Read More…]

Rethinking: Evangelism

The most common question I get about about The King Jesus Gospel book is this one: How do we evangelize now? A friend the other day says to me, “I was talking to a young pastor who likes your book but asked me, ‘What do I say to someone if I have 3-5 minutes?’” [Blech, I [Read More…]

Teachers: What Will You Do?

Alva Noë: Asking students to leave their devices at the door this is something I don’t feel that I have a right to do. Even when I think, even when I know, that it would be a good thing. Now it would be different if my job as an instructor were like that of an [Read More…]

Rethinking: Gospel

At the very heart of rethinking the meaning of gospel, which I do in The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited , is one central question: Is 1 Corinthians 15 the gospel or not? That leads to a chaser question: Is 1 Corinthians a sketch of the full gospel or only part of it? [Read More…]

Cancer is Funny

Jason Micheli is a United Methodist pastor in DC and blogs at www.tamedcynic.org They write out my chemo schedule by hand each month, scribbling the names of my drugs on different days in a curly hybrid of print and cursive, before making photocopies and handing one to me. The schedules can prove hard to read, [Read More…]

Discipled by Calendar

 By Michelle Van Loon, who blogs at patheos.com/blogs/pilgrimsroadtrip and tweets at michellevanloon.com Once upon a time – and for most of Judeo-Christian history following – there were no Sunday School classes or parachurch youth programs that focused on transmitting faith from one generation to the next. There was simply the kind of lifestyle God prescribed in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. [Read More…]