Weekly Meanderings, 1 July 2017

From Science Daily: In a new article published in the journal Trends in Neurosciences, University of Arizona researchers suggest that the link between exercise and the brain is a product of our evolutionary history and our past as hunter-gatherers. UA anthropologist David Raichlen and UA psychologist Gene Alexander, who together run a research program on [Read More…]

The Pastor is a Shepherd

The Pastor as Shepherd, by John Frye With deep pastoral insight Dennis R. Edwards simplifies the answer to the hurting cries of people who walk into our churches. The answer is “God cares” (203). We are reviewing Dr. Edwards’ The Story of God Bible Commentary: 1 Peter. As a pastor, I was eager to get [Read More…]

The Bible is Central 22

We’ve now come to the end of Psalm 119, the taw section. Like much of the psalm, there is an interchange between pleading with God for deliverance and publicly confessing the psalmist’s commitment to God. In this section, that commitment shows up as praise. In 119:169-171 we read of the plea: May my cry come [Read More…]

The Bible is Central 21

In the Shin/Sin section of Psalm 119, that is verses 161-168, we find a subtle shift of mood and tone. The psalmist is resolute and determined, but now a tranquility and peace hangs over the psalm. He’s peacefully resolve to … Tremble at the word. And what a contrast in the opening lines of this [Read More…]

Seminaries Aren’t Dojo’s

By Mitch East, currently the preaching intern at the North Atlanta Church of Christ Seminary doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about being a minister. For the past year, I worked as the youth minister for Freedom Fellowship, a church that reaches out to the homeless and poor in Abilene, Texas. At the [Read More…]

Greg Boyd: What does “Breathed” in “God-Breathed” Mean?

In his big book The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, Greg Boyd explores — finally, one might say — how he understands inspiration, or how he understands the “breathed” in “God-breathed.” He proposes three essential features in his theory of inspiration, and because Boyd is working his ideas out in detail I want to provide [Read More…]

The Bible is Central 20

Have you ever had your back to the wall? Ever wonder if you were going to make it? Ever wonder if the enemy would do you in? Ever wonder if you would live another day? The psalmist knows the experience, and the Resh section (119:153-160) reveals how the psalmist faced the future when his back [Read More…]

Seminary Education: Accessible, Affordable

A whole new perspective. One night a week. From anywhere in the world. Transform the way you do life and ministry with Northern Seminary’s Master of Arts New Testament degree in whatever format works best for your busy life. Classes are held just once a week so you can still work in the church, have a [Read More…]

The Bible is Central 19

The qof section of Psalm 119, vv. 145-152, explores the psalmist’s call to God. The psalmist, once again in a condition of being hunted down like an animal (v. 150), cries out to God. And along with his cry is a corollary. The psalmist cries to God — and he asks God to answer him [Read More…]

Greg Boyd’s Predecessors

In his big book The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, Greg Boyd sketches his six predecessors. Which is a way of saying, “Hey guys, this is not brand new. Others have thought in similar ways.” It’s obvious that it’s not “in identical ways.” Who are they and how do they anticipate or set the agenda [Read More…]