Weekly Meanderings, 10 January 2015

Back to the land/farm movement: America’s heartland is graying. The average age of a farmer in the U.S. is 58.3 — and that number has been steadily ticking upward for more than 30 years. Image credit Overall, fewer young people are choosing a life on the land. But in some places around the country, like [Read More...]

Death Penalty for Tsarnaev?

Mel Robbins, and I agree with her: (CNN)Almost two years since the Tsarnaev brothers allegedly placed two bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line, turning the city’s beloved Patriot’s Day race into a war zone, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is finally going on trial. By the time the brothers were captured (one dead, one alive), they were [Read More...]

On God’s Guidance

“Shepherd, Lead Me” (by John Frye) How God guides us is a beautiful mystery. I grew up under the pressing fundamentalist question: “What is God’s will for your life?” In youth group and summer camp I was repeatedly taught and urged to follow clear steps and biblical guidelines so that I could know God’s will. [Read More...]

Preaching and Posture

A friend (Mark Stevens) writes me this note, and I use it with permission: Every year around this time I enter a kind of pastoral confusion on what to preach. I trust you as both a teacher and evangelical. Every year I am tempted by the lectionary and every year I have my reservations as [Read More...]

Women in Leadership

Source: We’ve all heard the claims, the theories, and the speculation about the ways leadership styles vary between women and men. Our latest survey data puts some hard numbers into the mix. Our data come from 360 evaluations, so what they are tracking is the judgment of a leader’s peers, bosses, and direct reports. We [Read More...]

Revolution in Eschatology Today?

There is a widespread meme at work in how Christian theologians are now talking about the future — about heaven or the new heavens and the new earth or about the final state. It has three parts: Part A: Most Christians — seemingly all — think they go to heaven when they die and that [Read More...]

Greece, Grexit and the Eurozone

Tim Worstall: As part of the verbal and political sparring leading up to the coming Greek elections, we see that various Germans are now saying that the euro, the eurozone, could survive Greek exit from it just fine. My own opinion is that this is mistaken: but not for the reasons usually thought of. Sure, [Read More...]

Reverse Evangelism (by Jonathan Storment)

How arrogant is the white man?  We came to this country thinking we were going to India, and we called the Native Americans Indians.  We found out a few days later that we were wrong, they weren’t Indians …but we’re still calling them that.–Louis C.K. Image A few months ago, some preacher friends and I [Read More...]

Understanding Evolution: In 24 Hours!

What does the word “evolution” actually mean? Does it mean a godless philosophy (for some, yes) or progress socially in the world (for some, yes). What does it mean in the scientific community? Denis Alexander, in Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose?, answers this question in a lengthy, informed (and challenging for me) chapter [Read More...]

Ban Laptops in Class?

This professor, Tal Gross, says Yes. Image. What say you? Granted, laptops have their advantages. A laptop can be securely backed up more easily than a notebook. A laptop allows students — especially those for whom English is a second language — to look up words and background on the fly. But such benefits are [Read More...]