A Political Call

OK, I’m no politician; nor am I deeply implicated in the political process. But for the love of pete — enough already! Two years of political debate and millions and millions of dollars … do we need this much? Why not do what we can to get the process changed and reduced to six months [Read More...]

Colossians Remixed 28

Now for some more targum from Walsh and Keesmaat, Colossians Remixed. [Read more...]

Is Image Everything? 1

About fifteen years ago, so I would guess, Andre Agassi was doing commercials for someone (I can’t remember) in which he said “Image is everything.” How much does the “image” others have of Christians matter? Both the seeker movement and the emerging movement have had “image” as one of their themes. The seeker movement sought [Read More...]

Colossians Remixed 27

Here is some more of the targum from Walsh and Keesmaat’s work on Colossians (Colossians Remixed). Here they continue to find dynamic equivalence as they seek to guide us in the way of creatively imagining our way into the world of Colossians then back into our world. [Read more...]

Saint James

Grant, O God, that, following the example of your servant James, the brother of our Lord, your Church may give itself continually to prayer and to the reconciliation of all who are at variance and enmity; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and [Read More...]

Must Everything Change? 10

Part 6 of Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Change deals with prosperity. I begin with a personal reflection: [Read more...]

Before Women Were Pastors

That’s a slightly overstated title to this post. There were some pockets of the Church that had women pastors when the incomparable Dorothy Sayers wrote her books. And her influence on the Church remains, and that is why I am glad to recommend your reading of Laura K. Simmons’ book Creed Without Chaos. [Read more...]

Emergence in Austin

Kris and I really enjoyed the emerging event this past Friday and Saturday in Austin, TX, at Gateway Church (pastor John Burke, ofNo Perfect People Allowed). Here are a few of our thoughts on the weekend that revolved around the multi-authored book Beliefs of the Emerging Church: [Read more...]

Colossians Remixed 26

This week in Walsh and Keesmaat’s study of Colossians, called Colossians Remixed, they once again move into the territory of targumizing — or updating — Colossians 2:8–3:4, but this time they discuss first the “hermeneutical method” and view of “biblical authority” at work when they make such a move. [Read more...]

Pray for the good folks at Pepperdine and in Malibu

Star’s homes, Pepperdine U. dorms evacuated in California wildfires – CNN.com LA Times story. Pepperdine‘s site is updating. [Read more...]