I’m finally getting round to posting about our time Monday evening with Up/rooted, an emergent cohort and monthly gathering of emerging Christians in the Chicagoland area. Others have posted their summaries (Helen, John, Mike [coming]) of the conversation, but I wanted to add my own reflections. [Read more...]

Opus Dei 1

I suspect that most of us became aware of Opus Dei (Latin for “work of God”) through the DaVinci Code book or movie. In both it was caricatured in order to ridicule and other. This is why a book like Scott Hahn’s, Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace, is important. I’ll take a brief (and incomplete) look [Read More...]

Remembering God’s name

The psalmist tells us that he remember’s God’s name at night. Night prayer … a common idea in the Bible is set prayers at set times. [Read more...]

The God Hypothesis 3

In chps 3 and 4 of Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, the author evaluates arguments for God’s existence and then offers arguments why “there almost certainly is no God.” RJS and I are summarizing and offering brief evaluation. Here goes: [Read more...]

Early Indicators?

Was my hair an earlier indicator of my theology? Steve McCoy suggests so! HT: Steve. [Read more...]

Raging prayers

I am struck by Psalm 119:53: “I am seized with rage because of the wicked who forsake Your teaching.” Why? [Read more...]

On Fountain Pens

Last night as I sat at a table to sign a copy of The Real Mary for someone who asked, a very kind young woman from England, Helen, observed that she liked my fountain pen. Which of course made me think she was not only observant but also a woman of good taste. [Read more...]

Letters to Emerging Christians

Dear Matt, I too was watching the news show when Elie Wiesel, speaking of the Iranian leader, said he should be “excommunicated from humanity.” Wiesel’s words, regardless of how much I’ve learned from him and admire him, struck me as harsh too. You say that you were with a friend and she thought it was [Read More...]

Interviews on The Real Mary

I’ve gotten enough reminders from folks that I thought I’d post what we are doing on the radio this week. [Read more...]

Reminding God

If memory has the capacity to heal us if we remember truthfully and remember in light of what God is doing in this world, then reminding God of our condition is a way both to discover who we are and what is going on. So, the psalmist, though he has already done this, reminds God [Read More...]