Weekly Meanderings, 9 September 2017

Image of an Illinois cornfield decorated into Cubs celebration! My former school, North Park University, will have Robert George speaking on freedom of speech during culture wars. October 20, 7:30pm. His respondent will be Edith Humphrey. The lecture is in the Engaging Orthodoxy series. If you go, eat dinner at Tre Kronor (the best). For info, call Brad Nassif at 773-244-6213. I normally don’t advertise such events on this blog but this is a special event in our area. Scott… Read more

The Nashville Statement, Yet Again: A Pastor’s Take

By John Frye The Nashville Statement (NS) aims “to draw lines in the sand” about biblical human sexuality and marriage and “to smoke out” those who are and who appear to be departing from the received teachings of Scripture on these issues. The concern of the NS seems to be the LGBTQ population both in and outside the church. With its 14 “We AFFIRM” and “We DENY” declarations, one can obviously agree that the NS is, at its core, affirming… Read more

Putting the Bible Together

Re-visioning the Grand Narrative of the Bible By Kaz Yamazaki-Ransom, a Japanese New Testament scholar. He earned his Ph.D. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and his dissertation was published under the title The Roman Empire in Luke’s Narrative (T&T Clark International, 2010). His works have been published in English, Japanese, and Korean, including two entries in the second edition of Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels (IVP, 2013). His research interests include Luke-Acts, narrative criticism, the New Testament and the… Read more

Improving Your Writing

 Read more

We Stand with Gary Walter

Gary Walter, President of the Covenant Church, has joined the chorus of Christian voices protesting the cavalier approach to DACA and calls on our national leaders to find a permanent compassionate solution. Kris and I stand with Gary Walter. CHICAGO, IL (September 7, 2017) – I join with other Christian leaders in expressing deep concern around the future of immigrant young people currently protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA participants encompass roughly 800,000 young adults… Read more

The Fear of the Lord (RJS)

Tremper Longman III has a new book out, The Fear of the Lord is Wisdom. The role of wisdom in Israelite and Jewish thought is a fascinating topic. This theme may change the way we view some passages of the Old Testament as well as their application to the New Testament. In the prologue Longman writes “This book intends to explore wisdom in the Bible. We will focus on the OT, Israel’s wisdom. Ultimately, however, our study is a work… Read more

Is Unity with Diversity Even Possible in the Church?

This is the question Joshua Jipp asks in his book Saved by Faith and Hospitality. What do you think: Is it genuine unity achievable with diversity in your church?  Here are some opening questions of Jipp: Is it possible to have real difference and diversity in our churches without this leading to division? We all know that the church has been afflicted by all kinds of rivalries, schisms, and divisions. Peter Leithart states the problem well: “Churches are set up on… Read more

Is There a Secret to Long-Time Ministry?

By Jimmy Adcox, Is there a secret to long term ministry? To be honest, I’m not sure. When people tell me I must have done a great job to be in one place for 40 years, I often smile and say, “They are just a patient group of people.” And they are! I certainly couldn’t have stayed without them! Longevity can be attributed to many things. Perhaps my roots run deep and I’ve just resisted change. When I seriously considered a… Read more

We Need This Book

The word “book” in the post’s title is an intentional double entendre and a confusing one at that: we need the Book of Proverbs (that book) but as a book it represents the larger tradition of wisdom, and the other meaning of “book” is Tremper Longman’s new fantastic The Fear of the Lord is Wisdom. The two scholars of my age to whom I go when it comes to wisdom literature are Tremper Longman and Peter Enns. Longman’s written a commentary… Read more

I Stand With Roger: A Call For Pastors To Take A Stand

From Roger Olson: Kudos to Southern Baptist Russell Moore (president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission) for his uncompromising condemnations of white supremacy (in a recent column in the Washington Post). (I still think he owes me an apology for inventing a quote about open theism and attributing it to me in the Baptist Press in 2002, but to dwell on that lapse of ethics now would be petty.) Rumor has it that the national executive board of… Read more

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