Weekly Meanderings, 29 April 2017

Unfortunately, this has become far too often the experience of coaches (and I coached HS basketball for ten years -- sophomore level): A Michigan high school basketball coach, who earlier this year was named best coach in his class, has resigned. And he calls parents the No. 1 reason for his departure....Here are Castor’s comments, as reported by the Daily Press: “I have a lot of different reasons why I wanted to resign and only a few reasons to stick around. “I thought our administration … [Read More...]

Get Out More

By John FryeGet Out MoreThe problems of the Jewish church of Jerusalem with the various Gentile churches blossoming under Paul’s ministry tell me that the Jewish believers needed to get out more. Travel is a wonderful benefit to seeing the robust power of the gospel at work. Paul, once immeshed in Judaism, was liberated by the risen Christ and told to pack his bags. Get your tickets, Paul, for the major cities of your world. Unlike Peter who delicately stepped into Cornelius’s house, say … [Read More...]

Like a Language, the OT is Dying

Walter Brueggemann endorsed both Brent Strawn's new book, The Old Testament is Dying, and Greg Boyd's Crucifixion of the Warrior God. One, the second, is being accused of of dismissing the Old Testament or having some sub-orthodox theory of Scripture while the other one, the first, seeks to raise the significance of the Old Testament as Christian Scripture. What an odd coincidence that these two books land on my desk at about the same time.Strawn knows many don't read the OT today; he knows m … [Read More...]

Treasures and Pearls

This continues our podcast series with Kingdom Roots and Chaz Robbins. This week we have Debbie Moore and Becky Castle Miller in a conversation about two of Jesus' parables. Enjoy!Best book on parables ever? Stories with … [Read More...]

Creation Through Christ (RJS)

BioLogos is starting to release videos of the plenary talks (at least some of them) from the March Christ and Creation conference in Houston. This was a great time with much material worth some serious consideration. The first talk in the conference, and the first to be posted was by N.T. Wright. … [Read More...]

Is Christlikeness the Goal?

Gordon T. Smith says No. Where? In his new book, Evangelical, Sacramental, and Pentecostal: Why the Church Should Be All Three. [SMcK: Why not also Anabaptist?]The book is a gentle evangelical apology for an ecumenical theology that is also sacramental (he's more of a symbolist) and … [Read More...]

The Tech-Wise Family: Re-arranging the Furniture

By Jonathan StormentRearranging the Furniture“But what about watching College Football?” -Me voicing my greatest concern about this blogWhere does your television live? Assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that you have only one, where do you keep it? In the Living Room (where ours currently r … [Read More...]

Before Galileo (RJS)

I picked up another new book this week - to add to my stack. This book Evolution and the Fall contains a collection of essays by a number of authors including Biologist Darrel Falk, philosopher James K.A. Smith, theologian Joel Green and Old Testament scholar J. Richard Middleton. It looks well … [Read More...]

Evaluating the APEST Theory of Church Flourishing (Bob Robinson)

One of the newer theories on the market today hails from some in the missional crowd and is called APEST: apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd/pastor, teacher. Many seem not to know that this was a very big discussion back in the late 60s and early 70s when Ray Stedman put it on the market with … [Read More...]

Benedict Option is Politics

Rod Dreher's proposal is nothing less than a different kind of politics, but it is politics. His book is called: Benedict Option.The first point to make about Dreher's theory is that we have lost the culture war. As recently as the 1960s, with the notable exception of civil rights, moral and … [Read More...]

Alien Portraits of God: Greg Boyd

The forces at work in Greg Boyd's new book, The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, include passages about God in the Old Testament -- warrior God images -- and how those relate to the revelation of God in Christ of the cross -- the supreme revelation of God's nature -- as well as how to read the Bible … [Read More...]

Prayer of the Week

Almighty and everlasting God,who in the Paschal mystery established the new covenant of reconciliation:Grant that all who have been reborn into the fellowship of Christ's Body may show forth in their lives what they profess by their faith;through Jesus Christ our Lord,who lives and … [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 22 April 2017

Go Cubs, Go! Chicago Cubs fans continue to prove they can't get enough championship gear -- even the most expensive type.Jostens started selling World Series champion jewelry, including rings, on April 12, and in the first full week of sales, it sold two times more title jewelry than it had for … [Read More...]

Free Webinar on Writing

Date: 4/27/17 Time: 10am CSTDescription:Have you ever wanted to improve your writing, but wasn’t sure where to start?Scot McKnight has written or edited almost 60 books.  He knows first hand that writing is no small endeavor, but also the power of the written word.  The good news is that … [Read More...]

Things Christian Women Hear about Women

This post is from Arise, a publication of Christians for Biblical Equality, and in the comment box please write out what you have heard. For a book on this topic, check out Blue Parakeet.By Rachel Elizabeth Asproth On April 19, 2017Last night, Sarah Bessey (we’re fans!) began a … [Read More...]

On Funerals

By John FryeOfficiating funeral services comes with the calling to the pastoral vocation. I was just out of seminary in the summer of 1975 and called to a church in Racine, WI. One of my first duties as associate pastor (a euphemism for student pastor) was to conduct the memorial service for a … [Read More...]