Preaching and Power

By John FryeI am thankful the Apostle Paul talked about his own preaching. The startling connection Paul made was between his words and the power of the Holy Spirit. Gordon Fee writes, “Both the content… and the form of his preaching lacked persuasive wisdom and rhetoric; indeed, his preaching was more effective than that, Paul argues. It was accompanied by a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, evidenced by the conversion [of people]. And it was so, Paul adds, in order that their faith might … [Read More...]

The Legalisms of the Christian Life

In his recent, technical, and not always well-written monograph, Jesus and Jewish Covenant Thinking (break the bank!), Finnish scholar Tom Holmen offers a new category through which we can process our "theories of Christian behavior." In essence, Holmen contends that Jews sought for genuine covenant faithfulness and, attached to that seeking, each new group and movement developed a set of covenant path markers. Covenant path markers are specific behaviors -- Sabbath, circumcision, food laws, … [Read More...]

Daniel Berrigan and Pope Francis

Daniel Cosacchi: Among the many noteworthy additions to the Catholic magisterium within Pope Francis’s 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si’, was the introduction of the term “integral ecology.” In many ways, the term is meant to bring together the church’s longstanding teachings of “human ecology” and “environmental ecology.”In another way, however, what Pope Francis is trying to get across is the importance of integrity, or of being a whole community. In the case of integral ecology, Francis wants … [Read More...]

On Reading Genesis 1-11 (RJS)

The book of Genesis stands at the front of the Bible and provides an account of origins, setting the stage for the exodus from Egypt and the foundation of Israel as the people of God. The book can be usefully divided into three sections: The primeval history of 1-11, the ancestor narratives of … [Read More...]

Reviving Rudolf Bultmann

David W. Congdon, ironically enough an associate editor at IVP, is attempting to revive the theology of Rudolf Bultmann for today's theological, if not (progressive?) evangelical theological discussion. If evangelicals, one might say fairly, can find Barth suitable to historic evangelicalism perhaps … [Read More...]

Fasting: Now in Chinese

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We’re Talking about Practice

By Jonathan StormentFor the past few weeks, I’ve been blogging through James K.A. Smith’s great little book “You Are What You Love” and today I want to end that series with one more observation.I have recommended this book to a lot of people. I think Smith is on to something that is good and … [Read More...]

Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

Two years ago I wrote a lengthy post (below) on Richard Hays' new book about reading the Bible backwards, and at the time Hays offered his Hulsean lectures as his complement book to his previous book Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul.I am (more than) happy to announce that Richard Hays … [Read More...]

Rescue Team to the Rescue!

Madhu Krishnamurthy:When it comes to rescuing, no creature is too small for Lake Zurich firefighters -- whether it's a cat in a tree, deer on ice, or duckling in a pipe. A Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department engine crew was dispatched Thursday morning to the scene of one such mishap for a brood … [Read More...]

Does Church Architecture Matter? (I think so.)

Lisa Anne Auerbach:The architecture of modern megachurches -- which is to say, box churches -- is deserving a fair inspection, not least by those in Europe who know the grandeur of cultures and cities and nations who vested their money in worship-centered architecture. “I started photographing m … [Read More...]

Of Nations and Languages (RJS)

The primeval history of Genesis 1-11 ends with two genealogies and an excursion to the tower of Babel (another Sunday School staple). We've discussed the Tower of Babel before in posts Babel in Ancient Context where John Walton's commentaries were considered and then Babel as Ideological Critique … [Read More...]

Once Again, What is the “Apocalyptic” Paul?

It has been official now for a decade or so, but there is a skirmish of definition on whether or not "apocalyptic" is the right word to use the apostle Paul. On the one side are those who use this term to describe their approach to Paul: E. Käsemann, J.C. Beker,  J. Louis Martyn, Martinus de Boer, B … [Read More...]

A Biography for NT Professors to Read

Neil Bach's new biography of one the last century's truly great New Testament scholars who was every bit the Christian he was the scholar.And he loved American baseball.It is not possible to summarize a man's life in a paragraph or two, so I add this endorsement of mine to the book: When I … [Read More...]

10 Bookshops to Visit

From The Guardian: herever you are in the world, visiting a bookshop is always a treat – but with their numbers dwindling, independent stores that offer something unique are increasingly becoming a destination in themselves. Last year we rounded up some of the world’s most weird and wonderful boo … [Read More...]

9Marks of the Truly Complementarian

I have been asked of late why I have posted so much about complementarianism. Beside the routine reposting of material from Christians for Biblical Equality, which often brings up the discussion, it just so happens that (1) a number of items have come my way randomly and (2) the view has been shaped … [Read More...]

Joe Maddon Fun: This Trip? Wear Zany Suits

Carrie Muskat:CHICAGO -- Last year, the Cubs wore pajamas on the flight back from Los Angeles and players could wear shorts to Miami. The first theme trip this year will be Sunday when they travel to Pittsburgh for a three-game series, and it will be what manager Joe Maddon called "a … [Read More...]

Book Facts

The Literacy Site … [Read More...]