Give us grace, O Lord

Give us grace, O Lord,To answer readily the call of our Savior Jesus Christ and proclaim to all people the Good News of his salvation,That we and the whole world may perceive the glory of his marvelous works;Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.Amen.BCP … [Read More...]

Free Range Parents

From CNN:(CNN)It's starting to feel a little bit like Groundhog Day when it comes to parents under attack for letting their children do things on their own.The latest case? A Silver Spring, Maryland, couple is facing a neglect investigation for letting their 10-year-old son and 6-1/2-year-old daughter walk home from a playground, about a mile from their house, by themselves on a Saturday afternoon in late December. The story immediately brought to mind the South Carolina mom … [Read More...]


Weekly Meanderings, 24 January 2015

Fun news story by Rachel Feltman: When temperatures drop and frost hits, only the heartiest of veggies are equipped to survive. And for many of them, the adaptation that keeps them from dying in the cold also makes them sweet and delicious.In the above video, UCLA biochemist Liz Roth-Johnson explains how this works for the crunchy carrot: When it gets cold out, carrots (and parsnips) convert some of their starch stores into sugar. They do this to keep the water in their cells from freezing, … [Read More...]

Succession’s Special Problem (for some)

Ruth Gledhill:As the consecration of the first female bishop approaches, Christian Today has learned that at the consecration a few days later of traditionalist priest Father Philip North as Bishop of Burnley no bishop will lay hands on him who has previously laid hands on a woman bishop or … [Read More...]

Calico Joe

Calico Joe: A Story of Reconciliation, by John FryeMy wife, Julie, and I are John Grisham fans. We’ve read and are collectors of all his novels (except for the youth-oriented ones). Known mostly for his legal thrillers, Grisham does a change up once in a while and writes about sports. Playing f … [Read More...]

Long Days, Tired Churchfolk (Donald Nwankwo)

Long Days and Tired Churchfolk: thoughts on dealing with spiritual wearinessYou could see Amber fighting back tears as she admitted, following some updates on her life in the past year: “I just feel caught between too many things. Life has been frantically intense, busy and just so crazy. And I h … [Read More...]

Snipers and War

Karen Spears Zacharias, our friend:(CNN)"American Sniper" stormed the box office this past weekend with $105 million in ticket sales. Not since the Rambo movies have so many farmers and ranch hands buddy-upped to the popcorn counter. As much as I adore Bradley Cooper, I won't be seeing the … [Read More...]

Scientists, Celebrities, and Yahoos … Why Are We Here? (RJS)

The next chapter of Philip Yancey's new book Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News? makes a great followup to Tuesday's post the "scientific" answer to the question "why are we here?". Yancey addresses this question by illustrating several of the views running around in our society … [Read More...]

NT Wright’s Holy Impatience

When it comes to the meaning of biblical terms -- like gospel, kingdom, heaven -- not a few of us can get irritated and clearly a recent example of yet one more attempt to correct the church and to get the church back on track is N.T. Wright's chapter "Distorted and Competing Gospels" in his new … [Read More...]

Good News: The Middle East

Richard Stearns: If  your impression of the Middle East comes only from the headlines, it might be easy to think it’s a place of social chaos. Uprisings here, violence there, civil strife everywhere.In just a few weeks, I’ll be going to Lebanon, a country of four million people and one million r … [Read More...]

Interview with N.T. Wright (by Jonathan Storment)

This past week I went with my friend Luke Norsworthy to interview N.T. Wright. Luke has a great podcast and two weeks ago he invited me to come along with him as he interviewed Dr. Wright about his new book “Simply Good News” and Luke gave me the opportunity to ask him some questions for pastors spe … [Read More...]

Church Workers Need a New Target [other than numbers] (by Jeff Cook)

Church Workers Need a New TargetLife requires replication. If something does not replicate, its kind will not continue on—just ask that Shaker you know.A 1000 person church is impressive. A church of 100 folks that over the course of 40 years empowers and sends out 12 pastors is more i … [Read More...]

Good News: NFL

Sarah Larimer: Here is a thing that Cade Pope, a 12-year-old from Oklahoma, said Tuesday about the power of hand-written letters: “It shows more expression and feelings, rather than typing it on a computer. And it explains a lot more if you actually write it, because you can actually tell what they … [Read More...]

Not Benevolent, Warm, and Fuzzy (RJS)

The industrious ants store up food for the winter while the grasshopper sings the days away. Aesop's fable of The Grasshopper and the Ants provides an ancient example of moral lessons derived from nature. Ants are always working and foraging for food. We would do well to emulate this industry. But … [Read More...]

Piper and Annihilationism

Here's a tweet from John Piper, which I read about on FB on a day when my DMin had a day-long conversation about eternal conscious punishment and annihilationism. We had a spirited conversation @nseminary but there were some who thought annihilation is actually more to be dreaded than ECP.Here … [Read More...]

Free Speech and Respect: Pope Francis

NPR: Pope Francis says there are limits to freedom of speech, especially when it comes to someone's religion, in comments that made reference to the deadly attack last week on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.Francis defended freedom of speech, calling it a fundamental human right, … [Read More...]

America’s Day to Re-Dream

Here's the text of Martin Luther King's famous speech/sermon/address in Washington DC. I remember watching it as a kid on TV.I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.I am happy to join with you … [Read More...]