A week with a holiday in the middle mixes up a life a bit. In a good way, but we were wondering in this house all week long what day it was, but today’s Saturday and here are some fun Meanderings for your coffee time. This is what I can do in retirement, but I’ll have to renew my lifeguard certificate to be a GeezerGuard. Cooling off at a public pool this summer is tougher than in years past. That’s… Read more

By Mike Glenn The old preachers tell a story about a little boy who heard the circus was coming to town. He begged and begged his parents to allow him to go and see the circus. Finally, his parents relented, gave the little boy the dollar needed for the ticket and told him to come right back home when circus was over. He was so excited that he was unable to sleep, and as soon as his parents would let… Read more

Dying is not, of course, a common topic of discussion when we awake — unless one had a horrible night of sleep and one feels the creep of death in the body and head. Dying and dying well have been intense topics of Christians for the history of the church, and it is indeed sad that we are afraid to raise the topic in pleasant company. One doesn’t normally want to go to church to hear a sermon on dying… Read more

If you are interested in our MA in NT at Northern, and if you are interested in studying with Dennis Edwards and me, I will be having an online event I want to invite you to join me on.  Our program focuses on studying the NT in its historical context, so we focus on: missional context and narrative context to understand theology. What: I will be doing a 30 minute live online Q and A session on the MA in New… Read more

Sometimes we just need to hear it exactly as it is. This is the approach John takes in writing his epistles. Join Con and Scot as they explore how First John is a truth, love and fellowship letter, one that inspires love among God’s children. And for such a short letter, 2 John packs a lot in, the twin themes of love and truth dominating its theological content. 3 John addresses love and truth as the subject of hospitality, and… Read more

As  Christians know, the Bible is an important book. It is through Scripture that we learn about the mission of God in his people Israel. We realize that the Old Testament sets the stage for the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Jesus is God’s messiah, the faithful Israelite, king from the line of David. We should read it, study it, and be immersed in the story. I’ve made it a habit for eight or so years now to… Read more

Is Paul’s approach to conflict an example or not? (From Conflict Management and the Apostle Paul.) The following post, which kicks off a series on Paul and conflict comes from a book I was privileged to write with my DMin cohort at Northern Seminary. Here’s how this project worked: Lauren Visser and Greg Mamula co-wrote a study of conflict management theory in modern thinking. (The chapter is a model of description and will be of value to any pastor or staff… Read more

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I’m scanning the blog posts that talk about the incongruity of followers of Jesus celebrating July 4th  in a church, on a Sunday connected to July 4, or they are talking about flags and churches. I’m seeing a clear trend: it’s wrong, they say, to celebrate America’s independence in a church context. But there’s so little reflection on the dirty reality of what it means to fight for justice in this world. There’s such a distancing of God from the… Read more

July 4th celebrates America’s freedom, though the USA and England are no longer at war. King George — all I can think of are the hilarious “You’ll be back, wait and see” episodes in Hamilton — stood down, ahem, and we went our separate ways. Not so separate, actually, but independents with very similar approaches to life. To see what the Brits thought of our “rebellion,” here’s a wonderful article. It’s made more wonderful because the letters are housed at the… Read more

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