Teenagers and Risk-Taking

From Michelle Icard: Understanding why middle-schoolers are driven toward risk-taking is helpful, but knowing how to keep them safe is even better. While a middle-schooler’s brain can’t tell the difference between a good risk and a bad risk, the good news is that it’s equally satisfied by both. You’ve probably heard that kids who play sports are less likely to engage in negative risky behavior. That is not because they’re too busy to find time to misbehave. (Note: This is not a call to sign your … [Read More...]

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Leave a Church You Love? (by Jarrod Robinson)

Why Would You Ever Leave a Church You Love? (by Jarrod Robinson, Southern Hills Church of Christ, Abilene)My family and I just left a church we loved with all our hearts.It has undoubtedly been one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever made.Nearly eight years ago my wife, Lauren, and I joined a new church family in the Dallas area. In many ways, it was love at first sight. The church leaders and staff were excited for us to be joining them, the church membership welcomed us with … [Read More...]


Dallas Willard’s Conspiracy Goes Public

How is the Christian to engage society, the so-called "public" sector, or politics? With the awakening of evangelicals to political activism in the Reagan era, which trailed the more progressive activists of the 60s generation, which trailed the political activism of American mainline liberals, Willard's answer may seem a bit passé, quaint, or even backward. But is it? Here is his essential proposal: "God's 'divine conspiracy' is to overcome the human kingdoms of this world with love, justice, … [Read More...]

Questions for the Latest Solution to the Christian Life

David Moore, a friend down in the great State of Texas, after the trendy rocket-like success Prayer of Jabez, wrote out this series of questions to any book having the claim to be the latest solution to how to live the Christian life.What would you add? subtract? modify?Does the book … [Read More...]

How Our Creator Shapes Us (RJS)

How can we reconcile human evolution with the view of humans created in the image of God? How can we even introduce the topic and address the questions students may have? A month ago or so I introduced a project The Author of Life funded by the Evolution and Christian Faith program administered by … [Read More...]

Through the Eye of a Needle (Lynn Cohick)

Through the Eye of a NeedleLynn H. Cohick, Wheaton College, IL, author of Women in the World of the First Christians and Philippians (Story of God Bible Commentary), and with G. Burge and G. Green, The New Testament in Antiquity.“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than … [Read More...]

Diversity is not Enough

Source:Rev. Fred D. Robinson critiques the appeal to diverse churches and pleads for a deeper repentance. I would respond by saying churches can be the place where that deeper diversity can occur first as a witness to the gospel.(CNN) – On day five after the shooting death of unarmed black te … [Read More...]

What’s Your $100 Worth? (Infograph)

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Willard’s “Divine Conspiracy Continued”

Many of us benefited immensely from the writings and teachings of Dallas Willard, some of us benefited even more from his personal influence. I know Kris and I have, and we are glad we met and spent some time with Dallas at a Renovare event in Wichita a few years back. When someone of that magnitude … [Read More...]

Wouldn’t it be cool?

This is from Arise, the newsletter from Christians for Biblical Equality.John R. Kohlenberger III is the author or co-editor of more than sixty biblical reference books and study Bibles and he has served on the board of CBE. His latest product, The NIV Integrated Study Bible, was published by … [Read More...]

E-Readers vs. Paper Readers: New Results

WaPo: If you’re one of those Luddites who still clings, technophobically, to the printed page, then a team of European researchers has some good news for you:You have again been vindicated.This latest study on the differences between e-readers and printed books — which was presented at an It … [Read More...]

Grant, O merciful God

Grant, O merciful God, that your Church, being gathered together in unity by your Holy Spirit, may show forth your power among all peoples, to the glory of your Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. … [Read More...]

Congratulations to Jackie Robinson West!

Chicago's Jackie Robinson West has just won the American division of the Little League World Series, and play South Korea's mighty team tomorrow for the World Series Championship. … [Read More...]

Kingdom Conspiracy in Chicagoland

From Missio Alliance: We’re excited to be partnering with Northern Seminary to host a morning of presentations and conversation with Scot McKnight around his newest book, Kingdom Conspiracy: Recovering the Radical Mission of the Local Church. This event is especially for Chicagoland church and mini … [Read More...]

Weekly Meanderings, 23 August 2014

I am so proud of my former student, Sam Lamerson, who has been named President of Knox Theological Seminary in Ft Lauderdale.Good for Samaritan's Purse: Smart Money magazine has named Samaritan’s Purse the most efficient religious charity numerous times, and the group maintains a reputation of b … [Read More...]

A Liberal’s Take on Evangelicalism

Kelvin Holdsworth offers his ideas of what evangelicalism is and at the link you can read his explanations.Do you think this is fair? accurate? adequate? shallow? I thought I might help Malcolm out with 10 things about Evangelicals that Evangelicals tend not to tell you when you first e … [Read More...]

Jesus, Birds, and Flowers (by John Frye)

Jesus, Birds, and Flowers“Jesus’ favored form of ‘natural theology’ was to tell parables,” writes Scot McKnight in his SGBC: The Sermon on the Mount (218). In expounding Matthew 6:25-34, Scot opens the text by pressing us to wonder whether we are theists in belief, but deists in behavior. How doe … [Read More...]