Letter to President Obama

Isaac Bonewits is one of the most prolific Pagan writers, leaders, and elders in America today. Since 2004, he has led a YahooGroup titled “Spells For Democracy” which works magic for Truth, Justice, and the American Way; following in the tradition of Gerald Gardner’s Operation Cone of Power during World War II.

What follows is a letter Isaac has written to President Barack Obama and posted on the list. Isaac graciously gave permission to forward the letter – I am reproducing it in its entirety.

Dear President Obama,

You may be interested (or possibly amused) to know that you will be taking your oath of office with the prayers, good wishes, and magical spells of over a million Witches, Druids, and other nature Worshipers across America and around the world.

Fundamentalist Christians have been casting curses and exorcisms in your general direction. They and their fellow lunatics will be horrified to know that non-Christians admire you, and will take this as more “evidence” that you must be part of the Forces of Evil™. But the sane citizens of America and the world are delighted to see a kind, decent, and brilliantly smart person finally winning the Presidency after our long national nightmare.

While it’s probably not something you will publicize, we do want you to know that we will be doing all in our spiritual power to protect you from the haters and the killers who can, and will, threaten you, your beautiful family, and your vision of a kind and decent America.

Not that we will agree with everything you will do or say — we’re Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, and even Republicans, after all. But most of us know the stakes, both literally and figuratively. We know it’s going to take a lot of magic to fix the mess George W. Bush got us into at home and around the world, and to rescue us from the Republican Depression.

So if you feel a warm glow of safety around you, or if the Secret Service people are more intuitive and alert than ever before, or the lunatic haters find themselves making really stupid mistakes that reveal their intentions in time to thwart them, or you suddenly find yourself more eloquent and persuasive, that will (in part) be us. We say “in part” because we know you will also be receiving the prayers and good wishes of many people from many belief and non-belief systems. We Neopagans, however, know how to shape those vague feelings coming your way into actual magic that does something useful for you, America, and the world.

You will never be able to acknowledge us publicly, for that is the nature of American politics. We won’t mind. Just do the best you can to fulfill your ideals for America and the world, and we will be well rewarded. Of course paying attention to freedom of religion for all belief and non-belief systems, and taking bold action to protect Mother Nature would be nice too …

yours truly,

Isaac Bonewits

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