Newspaper Coverage of Summer SolstiCelebration

Jeff Weiss from the Dallas Morning News was on hand for yesterday’s Summer SolstiCelebration and this article ran in today’s paper. Jeff’s a good guy (I got to know him via e-mail when the DMN Religion Blog was in full swing) and I talked to him for several minutes before we started. He asked some good questions about what we were doing and why – I like the one exchange he used in the article:

How authentic is the invocation of Isis, Ra, Horus and other Egyptian deities? They do the best they can.

“We used the Egyptian texts that are available, good archaeology, and just let the gods speak to us,” said John Beckett.

The only error is the photo, taken by a staff photographer (who I didn’t talk to). It identifies the people as Denton CUUPS, but everyone in the picture is a member of Vocal Magic, a singing group with some cross-membership who we drafted to help with the music.

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