Spiritual Practice Techniques: Following the Sun and Moon

Sunset over Chickamauga Lake in TennesseeThis will be the first in an occasional series on spiritual practice techniques. It’s flowing out of the spiritual practice workshop I led at this year’s Druid Gorsedd and the Intermediate Pagan Practice class Cynthia and I led this past weekend. I’ll be repeating the workshop at the DFW Pagan Pride Day on September 11.I used to be a runner. Injuries and weight gain (a chicken-or-egg thing) forced me to stop several years ago, but I’ve maintained t … [Read more...]

Lessons From a Fundamentalist

I like reading Al Mohler’s blog, though I rarely agree with his opinions. Mohler is President of Southern Theological Seminary and one of the leading intellectuals in the fundamentalist Southern Baptist Convention. His writings are straightforward and well-reasoned, and he rarely engages in the name-calling and other identity-based emotional bluster we see from so many fundamentalists. He is clearly a very intelligent, very well-educated person.So how can someone so smart be a fundamentalist? T … [Read more...]

In The Mists

Eight of Cups from the Robin Wood TarotI know this place,I’ve been here before.I always loved the forest, andit was right outside my back door.But times were hard andI would wander in and out,never truly seeing what I saw,afraid to stray from the straight and narrow,and besides, the path of concrete and steellooked so enticing, so real.But the forest was always there,and if I looked closely enough,quietly enough,I could see movement in the trees.In the land of the DarkI saw the Lightand in the d … [Read more...]

Magical Thinking

In the comments to last Sunday’s sermon, Peter accuses me of “magical thinking.” This is a term we hear frequently in the mainstream world, usually in response to something we don’t think is possible. Politicians engage in it all the time, telling us the federal budget will be balanced in ten years so we don’t need to raise taxes or cut spending. I hear it in workplace settings, where twenty people laid off in one location are replaced by three in another location and the same amount of work is e … [Read more...]


The religion website Patheos has an interview with Galina Krasskova, who calls herself a “free range tribalist Heathen.” The interview is titled “Heathen Piety” and it presents some good insight into contemporary Heathenism, a tradition with which I have very little first-hand knowledge. Krasskova describes herself as a “god-slave” – she does not merely follow Odin or honor him or serve him, she is “owned” by him. I’ve been a UU for a good while now – I’m a strong believer in individual autonomy … [Read more...]

The Case For God

by John BeckettDenton Unitarian Universalist FellowshipAugust 15, 2010Introduction – the dilemma of the New AtheistsWe Unitarian Universalists like to say “we don’t have to think alike to love alike.” Nowhere is our commitment to that ideal more challenged than in the question of God. Is there a God, a Goddess, many goddesses and gods? Some of us say yes, some of us say no, and some of us think that since we can’t be certain we’re wasting our time contemplating the question. Over the years UU the … [Read more...]

Isaac Bonewits 1949 – 2010

The Pagan, Druid and UU worlds have lost one of our pre-eminent elders - Isaac Bonewits died today.  Here's the announcement from his wife Phaedra:“This morning, August 12, 2010 at approximately 8 AM ET, Isaac Bonewits passed away peacefully in his sleep. All his brothers and sisters arrived at his side last night. His family and friends surround him now.”Obituaries and tributes are all over the Pagan web.  The Wild Hunt has an excellent obituary, and Ár nDraíocht Féin (which Isaac … [Read more...]

What Makes a Strong Ritual?

Rehearsing this year's Celebration of Spring - making sure the plan is clear and the leaders know what they're going to doCatharine left a comment on my post on Ecstatic Ritual, asking “what do you think has made your strongest rituals strong?” That’s a good question, and here’s my attempt at an answer. A clear intention. Before trying to decide how to do a ritual, figure out what you want to accomplish. Some rituals are simply intended to be celebratory: to mark the changing of the seasons or to … [Read more...]