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Samhain Sunday Service Reflection by John Beckett Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship October 31, 2010 Imagine, if you will, that instead of living in 21st century America, with our technological wonders and overabundance of food in seemingly infinite varieties, you live in Europe three thousand years ago. There is no McDonalds, no Kroger, no Wal-Mart – [Read More…]


I don’t talk much politics or social commentary here. But I saw something today I want to explore in a little more detail. Something that on the surface doesn’t seem like a big deal, but that has me asking some deeper questions and drawing some fairly strong conclusions. First, the facts. I had lunch at [Read More…]

Generation Ex-Christian

Via The Wild Hunt, here’s a link to an interview with Christian author Drew Dyck who has written a book titled “Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith … and How to Bring Them Back.” Navel-gazing on why people have been leaving Christianity has been going on all my life, but Dyck has [Read More…]


When asked if I’m a hard polytheist or a soft polytheist, my usual answer is “yes.” I’m a hard polytheist because – like our ancestors – I experience the various gods and goddesses as unique, individual beings with their own likes, dislikes, goals and personalities. I’m a soft polytheist because I have experienced the Unity [Read More…]

The Mystical Experience

Here’s a link to a good essay on mysticism by Rabbi Alan Lurie on Huffington Post. I won’t attempt to summarize it – it’s not that long, and it’s well worth reading for yourself. The comments to this piece on Huffington Post fall into two categories. Those who get it agree wholeheartedly. And those who [Read More…]

I Wish I Didn’t Know

I had to make an unexpected trip to Tennessee this week to deal with some family matters.  All is well and I’m back now.  While I was there, I fell into a religious discussion with someone who attends a fundamentalist Baptist church, much like the one I grew up in.  In the course of our [Read More…]

CUUPS Samhain Circle

Due to several scheduling conflicts, we’re holding our CUUPS Samhain Circle on Friday night instead of Saturday.  And to allow for Friday evening traffic in DFW, we’re starting at 7:30 PM instead of the usual 7:00.  If you’re in the area, come out and celebrate with us. Click on the image for a larger version [Read More…]

Spiritual Practice Techniques: Devotional Reading and Listening

This is the fourth in an occasional series on spiritual practice techniques. Devotional reading is intended to help keep your mind and your heart focused on matters of Ultimate importance. It is not intended for education, although you will certainly learn when you do it. It is not intended as worship, although it will move [Read More…]