Sacred travel is good, but it is not necessary. Experiencing the Gods is a matter of will and of action, not a matter of location. Read more

In the last post I said that over time, modern Paganism will settle into three main groupings: polytheism, traditional witchcraft, and non-theistic Nature worship. That’s more of a guess than any sort of prediction, much less an oracular proclamation. But it’s a reasonable guess based on where I see energy, enthusiasm, and deep commitment in the Pagan movement. Of those three I am most personally involved with polytheism. While I love Nature and I have a life-long interest in magic,… Read more

We need to stick together where we have common interests, but not on matters of theology and ritual. Let the Gardnerians be Gardnerians. Let ADF be ADF. More importantly, let the rogue witches and experimental polytheists do their things and see what happens. Read more

Dry seasons come to all of us sooner or later. The realities of life intrude on our plans, and so we deal with them, as we must. Accept reality, take care of yourself, do what must be done, and then be the Pagan you are. Read more

I don’t work magic to get results for my employer. I work magic to keep me safe and in the proper frame of mind. If I can do what I need to do without unnecessary stress, the company will get what it needs from me in an honest exchange of labor for money. Read more

“Be careful what you ask for – you just might get it.” I’m overloaded right now. The Gods I serve are neither capricious nor cruel, but They are not divine helicopter parents – I need to be very careful what I pray for. Read more

A million Irish people left their homeland during the Great Famine. Some of them are my ancestors, and possibly yours. But the world of 2018 is very different from the world of 1848. Where could you go if you had to leave? Read more

When an fundamentalist preacher represents the United States at the dedication of a new diplomatic building in a foreign country, the First Amendment is violated. For Donald Trump, this was a political payoff that didn’t cost a dime out of his own pocket. Read more

Do you mindlessly eat what you’ve always been told to eat and mindlessly ridicule those who do otherwise? Or do you consider your place in Nature and make a conscious decision based on your needs and desires? Most importantly, do you acknowledge the sacrifices required to keep you alive? Read more

We have lots of questions this month. How to handle theological disagreements. How to tell if a Pagan group is healthy or not. Being a visible Pagan in a small community. Leadership transitions in Pagan organizations. And much more. Read more

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