My Response

Today is “The Response” – a fundamentalist Christian gathering in Houston that has called for a day of prayer and fasting in response to what they see is a great moral crisis in the United States. It has attracted extra attention because Texas governor and likely US presidential candidate Rick Perry is the headliner. Given [Read More...]

Doing Something About the Weather

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it – attributed to Mark Twain It’s hot. It’s August and I live in Texas – it’s supposed to be hot. This Summer, though, is different. Dallas – Fort Worth has had 32 straight days of 100 degrees or more. The average is only 16 [Read More...]

The First Harvest

In a new post on her blog, author and teacher Thorn Coyle asks “are you harvesting what you expected?” I normally think of Lughnasadh as a time for thanksgiving. Samhain – and the secular New Year – is when I think about reviews. But there is value in taking frequent looks back. We set goals [Read More...]

The Spirits of America

I posted this for Independence Day 2010 – I think it’s time to post it again.  I wrote it for the Denton CUUPS “Lunar Eclipse Ritual for America” which we did as part of the Spells for Democracy project in 2004.  With everything going on now I think our country can use all the help [Read More...]

Spiritual Warfare, Part 2

The response to Sunday’s post on some right-wing Christians’ plans for “spiritual warfare” has been strong. But it has not been unanimous. A few have expressed some legitimate concerns (including two Pagan bloggers I greatly respect, one here and the other here) and I’d like to address them. What’s wrong with a bunch of Christians [Read More...]

Spiritual Warfare

Throughout history, when times have gotten tough, people have banded together in ever-tightening clans and blamed their problems on The Other: foreigners, Jews, heretics, witches… It is happening again. Times are tough, the future is uncertain and some in our society find it convenient to blame it all on Muslims, immigrants, gays, liberals, and of [Read More...]

Pagan Theology

Being an engineer is more than how I make my living – it’s part of who I am.  I’m never satisfied with simply knowing that something does work, I want to know how it works.  I read owners manuals and technical specifications.  I take things apart and put them back together.  For me the greatest [Read More...]

Indigenity and Conquest

The Pantheon blog on the Patheos Pagan Portal has a new essay by Laura Patsouris titled “Restoring Our Pre-Conquest Mind.” It blames the ills of the contemporary Western world on the conquest of tribal societies by Christians. This, she says, replaced sustainable tribal values and practices with the values of conquest and empire. Her solution [Read More...]