Egyptian Summer Solstice

The gods – of Egypt or of any other land – do not make everything right. If we listen to them and work with them, they will point us in the right direction. But we have to do the work. Read more

First World Problems

Those who make fun of “first world problems” are half right: we need to develop a sense of proportion and a sense of compassion for those whose daily lives are far more difficult than our worst day. But the fact that others are hurting more doesn’t make me hurt any less. Read more

Happy Solstice!

Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice. Tomorrow I’ll set aside my Druid robes, put on an Egyptian tunic and help lead a ritual to honor the gods and goddesses of Egypt and present them to the people of this new time and place. Read more


Acknowledging mystery is an act of humility and integrity. It accepts the limitations of human perception but refuses to be restricted to only one way of knowing. Read more

The Three Centers of Paganism

There are three centers to the Pagan movement. How can someone who identifies with all three develop an integrated spiritual practice that honors the gods, cares for Nature, and refines the soul? Read more

A Polytheistic Look at the Devil

Is there a devil? For Pagans, the question is academic. For Christians and Muslims, the question can be quite personal. The Catholic saint Teresa of Avila said it best: “I am more afraid of those who are terrified of the devil than I am of the devil himself.” Read more

Yes, Belief Matters!

Paganism has always emphasized orthopraxy over orthodoxy, so it is not surprising that recent theological discussions have generated a backlash against belief. While we should hold our beliefs lightly, the idea that experience makes belief unnecessary simply doesn’t work for most people, including most Pagans. Read more


All of Nature is beautiful, powerful and sacred. But whether they are especially powerful or if they are simply different from the places we are used to experiencing, some places make it easy to connect with the Source of Life itself. Acadia helped me remember who I am. Read more

Box Pews

Box pews are an interesting artifact from the early Protestant era. They served a purpose, but that purpose was at odds with the general mission of the church. Make sure there are no box pews – literal or metaphorical – in your religious life. Read more

A Druid in Witch City

Salem is a tourist town – set your expectations accordingly and you can have a nice time. But while you’re there, pay a visit to the Witch Trials Memorial, and remember. Read more

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