When You Fail An Ordeal

There is no shame in failure. There is plenty of shame in repeated, obstinate failure. If you failed an ordeal think long and hard about why you asked for initiation in the first place. Do you need to find another path? Or do you need to ask again for initiation? [Read more…]

Mystical Experiences Through Deep Practice

Mystical experiences are found in every religion and are often spontaneous. Most people ignore them or rationalize them away, but for those of us who understand and appreciate them, they can be the deepest, most meaningful experiences in our lives. [Read more…]

The Love of the Gods

We must be careful to avoid bringing baggage from a previous religion into our polytheism, and to avoid assuming we are the primary interests of the Gods. But the Gods are mighty and virtuous beings, and love is perhaps the greatest of virtues. [Read more…]

Off the Edge of the Map

Go into a bookstore and you’ll see many different maps that show many different routes to many different places. But when it comes to ecstatic and oracular practices, most of us are working off the map. [Read more…]

Is Your House On Fire?

Meditating when your house is on fire is a poor job of prioritization. But oppressive governments aren’t the only ones who like to turn a state of emergency into the new normal. If we aren’t careful, most of us will do it in our own lives. [Read more…]

Bears In My House

I dreamed there were bears in my house. They weren’t hurting anything, but I still wanted them out, because they were bears and bears can rip things to shreds if they decide that’s what they want to do. How can I relax if there are bears in my house? [Read more…]

When the Gods Just Don’t Care

There are times when we expect Gods we know and serve to help us out, to make it better, or at least to reassure us that it will all work out in the end. Sometimes They do that. And sometimes the Gods just don’t care. [Read more…]

Be The Dark

On Sunday I encouraged my fellow UUs to be the light. But what if you don’t particularly feel like being the light? What if you’re still hurting, still afraid, still mad as hell? What if you’re just not a love and light kind of person? [Read more…]

Be The Light – A UU Chalice Lighting

A UU chalice lighting for the Sunday after the election. [Read more…]

Five Days Later

I can’t tell you everything’s going to be OK, because it’s not. I encourage you to acknowledge and express your feelings as deeply as necessary, for as long as necessary. And then when you’re ready, start turning those feelings into reflections, reflections into plans, and plans into actions. [Read more…]