Move and Move On

Ten years ago this week I was handed a layoff notice. It wasn’t a shock – reorganization had been discussed for months and the factory where I worked wasn’t going to have enough volume left to support all of its staff. But it was still frustrating – it was the third job that went away [Read More...]

None of the Above

Amy Martin at the 2010 Winter SolstiCelebration I have been less than gracious toward the folks who call themselves “spiritual but not religious.” While I’ve always respected those seeking Wisdom and Truth in non-traditional ways, I’ve come across too many people who use the spiritual-but-not-religious tag as an excuse for spiritual laziness and for avoiding [Read More...]

My Response

Today is “The Response” – a fundamentalist Christian gathering in Houston that has called for a day of prayer and fasting in response to what they see is a great moral crisis in the United States. It has attracted extra attention because Texas governor and likely US presidential candidate Rick Perry is the headliner. Given [Read More...]

Doing Something About the Weather

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it – attributed to Mark Twain It’s hot. It’s August and I live in Texas – it’s supposed to be hot. This Summer, though, is different. Dallas – Fort Worth has had 32 straight days of 100 degrees or more. The average is only 16 [Read More...]

The First Harvest

In a new post on her blog, author and teacher Thorn Coyle asks “are you harvesting what you expected?” I normally think of Lughnasadh as a time for thanksgiving. Samhain – and the secular New Year – is when I think about reviews. But there is value in taking frequent looks back. We set goals [Read More...]

The Spirits of America

I posted this for Independence Day 2010 – I think it’s time to post it again.  I wrote it for the Denton CUUPS “Lunar Eclipse Ritual for America” which we did as part of the Spells for Democracy project in 2004.  With everything going on now I think our country can use all the help [Read More...]

Spiritual Warfare, Part 2

The response to Sunday’s post on some right-wing Christians’ plans for “spiritual warfare” has been strong. But it has not been unanimous. A few have expressed some legitimate concerns (including two Pagan bloggers I greatly respect, one here and the other here) and I’d like to address them. What’s wrong with a bunch of Christians [Read More...]

Spiritual Warfare

Throughout history, when times have gotten tough, people have banded together in ever-tightening clans and blamed their problems on The Other: foreigners, Jews, heretics, witches… It is happening again. Times are tough, the future is uncertain and some in our society find it convenient to blame it all on Muslims, immigrants, gays, liberals, and of [Read More...]