Neither Within Nor Without

There is great danger in transition zones, in times and places that are neither within nor without. But there is also great opportunity. Be aware of the risks and take advantage of the possibilities. Read more

Know Your Theological Boundaries

Because theology is a speculative process dealing with highly subjective topics, we have great leeway in how we choose to construct our religious frameworks. We do not, however, have the leeway to construct a religious framework that violates the laws of Nature or contradicts established facts, and we should take great care in constructing a framework that contradicts the consensus of science, history or other academic disciplines. Read more


We are discrete beings living in a continuous universe, so our brains evolved to classify things into a few categories. This helps us deal with them quickly and easily. Boundaries make things predictable and manageable. Our challenge is to draw boundaries that are helpful to us, our community and the world. Read more

The Reality of Limits

Many of the difficulties in both our mainstream society and in our Pagan community revolve around our refusal to accept that limits are not illusory nor do they apply only to other people. They are real, necessary and helpful. Dealing with them requires understanding the three types of limits and choosing the right approach for each. Read more

Pantheacon Envy

I hope all my friends at Pantheacon are having a great time and I hope they go home happy and energized. While I’m a little envious of them, I have no one to blame but myself for not being there. It was a question of limits. Read more

Beyond Beginnings

That feeling of “what now?” is a good thing. It means your curiosity is engaged and your desire for something more is active. It means you’re motivated to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It means you’ve already moved beyond beginnings. Read more

Morrigan Devotional Ritual

When small groups of like-minded Pagans work together in an intimate setting, great things can – and do – happen. This is the story of one such group and our devotion to the Goddess Morrigan. Read more

Worship the Gods

Pagans understand different people worship different gods. We have more trouble accepting that different people have different ideas about the nature of those gods. How can we reconcile our differences? The roadside trash pickup starts Sunday at 12:45 – will you be there? Read more

Wondering About Offerings

Introducing a spiritual practice – even a familiar one – in ritual is like planting seeds. I wonder what will sprout from the practice of making offerings? Read more

Render Due Honor

On a cold Friday night in Texas, forty people came together and rendered due honor to the Goddess Brighid at her festival of Imbolc. Read more