Becoming a Druid

Do those of us who call ourselves Druids have a right to use the name? Without clearly recognized standards of preparation and achievement does the term have any meaning? Is the name so tightly attached to the priests, healers and advisors of the ancient Celtic world that it is now impossible to become a Druid? [Read More...]

The Sacred Earth

Sermon – The Sacred Earth The Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship August 21, 2011 Introduction One evening in a Buddhist monastery, a group of monks were cleaning up after dinner.  One of the monks was less than fully present – he seemed to just want to get finished, whether the dishes were clean or not.  Another [Read More...]

The Gods Who Choose You

From Patheos, here’s an essay by Crystal Blanton titled “The Gods That Choose You.” It details her experience with Yemaya, an African deity who chose her. In Crystal’s words: One day I was walking a path that I thought led to Cerridwen and the next day there were obvious signs being presented that I was [Read More...]

The Company We Keep

It matters what company we keep. I was in the 10th grade. My English teacher had assigned a project to collect and summarize a series of newspaper and magazine articles on some theme I’ve long since forgotten. I didn’t really care for this teacher, I thought her project was more appropriate for elementary school than [Read More...]

Move and Move On

Ten years ago this week I was handed a layoff notice. It wasn’t a shock – reorganization had been discussed for months and the factory where I worked wasn’t going to have enough volume left to support all of its staff. But it was still frustrating – it was the third job that went away [Read More...]

None of the Above

Amy Martin at the 2010 Winter SolstiCelebration I have been less than gracious toward the folks who call themselves “spiritual but not religious.” While I’ve always respected those seeking Wisdom and Truth in non-traditional ways, I’ve come across too many people who use the spiritual-but-not-religious tag as an excuse for spiritual laziness and for avoiding [Read More...]

My Response

Today is “The Response” – a fundamentalist Christian gathering in Houston that has called for a day of prayer and fasting in response to what they see is a great moral crisis in the United States. It has attracted extra attention because Texas governor and likely US presidential candidate Rick Perry is the headliner. Given [Read More...]

Doing Something About the Weather

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it – attributed to Mark Twain It’s hot. It’s August and I live in Texas – it’s supposed to be hot. This Summer, though, is different. Dallas – Fort Worth has had 32 straight days of 100 degrees or more. The average is only 16 [Read More...]