Pagan Coming Out Day

For too many people in our society, “Pagan” still means “Other.” That must change. Some day, no one will care what god or goddess you do or don’t pray to, only that you conduct yourself with integrity and compassion. Until then, we need Pagan Coming Out Day. Read more

Truth and Meaning

While the uncertain nature of religious truth leaves us free to interpret evidence in the way that is most meaningful to us, it does not leave us free to believe whatever we want. Even in the absence of clear proof, some things are more likely than others. Wanting something to be true does not make it true. Read more

Comments, Texas Pagan Events, and a Video

Disqus comments, Denton CUUPS Beltane, the Houston Pagan Conference, and the video of “Reclaiming Your Sovereignty.” Read more

Funeral for Toomer’s Oaks

The saga of the poisoning of Toomer’s Oaks at Auburn University is coming to a close. But as sad as this crime has been, the show of love for trees by ordinary folks is heartening. Read more

The Reformed Druids of North America

The story of the The Reformed Druids of North America, a story that is both true and historical. Read more

A Modern Pagan View of Sacrifice

The common meaning of sacrifice is “to give up” but the older meaning is “to make sacred.” Both are important as we work to build strong relationships with our gods and goddesses, with our communities, and with the world at large. Read more

My Defining Moment

My defining moment came when I heard voices. They weren’t audible, but they couldn’t have been louder if Danu herself had screamed at me from across the table: “GET SERIOUS OR MOVE ON!” Read more

Ronald Hutton and the Paradox of Witchcraft

Ronald Hutton said “we are the only society that both believes in witchcraft and doesn’t believe in it, and I’d like to keep it that way.” He’s right and I’m thankful for it. Read more

Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes

For me, the key theme of the Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes Symposium was shifting our relationship with the land from one that acts as though humans are the pinnacle of the Universe to one that sees us as part of the Universe. Read more

Magic: Don’t Believe, Do

The primacy of belief is a modern, Western, Protestant concept. As Pagans, our emphasis is on action. The secret to magic isn’t believing, it’s doing. Read more

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