Celtic Heritage

One of the ways we learn about our gods, goddesses and ancestors is through their stories. For those of us following a Celtic path this presents a difficulty. The Celts kept an oral tradition and none of their stories were written down until well into the Christian era. Few of the original texts and none of the complete documents are more than a thousand years old and much of the transcription was done by Christian monks – they are full… Read more


James Francis Beckett (1864 – 1923)When asked to define Paganism, I usually give a threefold explanation: the Divine as female as well as male, a connection to the Earth and its rhythms and cycles, and a resonance with the beliefs and practices of our ancestors. Almost all the rituals I lead include an invocation of ancestors, and one of my daily prayers gives thanks for my ancestors. Ancestors are a big part of Paganism as many of us practice it.But… Read more

From Sunday to Monday

On this blog I write what I think, what I feel, and occasionally what I’m told to write by the goddesses and gods I serve. Sunday’s post was part analysis, part rant and part prophecy. It challenged us to reclaim our sovereignty, to live according to our True Will, and to do what must be done no matter what. On Sunday those words seemed inspiring and fulfilling. I was ready to conquer the world for Morrigan. On Monday it all… Read more

Lady of Sovereignty

Morrigan is best known as a Battle Goddess and as Chooser of the Slain. War, death, and the transition from this world to the Otherworld grab our attention. But it is in her third role, as Lady of Sovereignty, that Morrigan is most active in our world today. In simplest terms, sovereignty is the right to rule rightly. It is not the right to rule as you please. It is the right to do as you Will, not the right… Read more

Blogroll Update

It’s time to update the blogroll. I’ve removed some people who are no longer blogging or who (like the Dallas Morning News Religion blog) have changed their focus so much they’re no longer interesting. And I’ve added a few folks who I’ve started reading since the last update.Walking the Hedge. This is the blog of Juniper, who describes herself as “a messy little Hedgewitch who speaks her mind.” And that she does. She runs the Walking the Hedge website, co-hosts… Read more

Druids and Their Robes

At the recent OBOD East Coast Gathering, someone said “our robes are an outward manifestation of our inward spirituality.” None of us can remember who said it, but we’re sure they were right. We’ve been discussing what we wear and why on a private forum and the conversation has been excellent. Like magical tools, magical clothing isn’t necessary, but it helps put us in the right frame of mind for ritual and magic. It also helps us express who we… Read more

Full Moon Scrying

For someone who loves elaborate formal ritual as much as I do, my solitary rituals tend to be rather simple. Much of what works in a circle of 20 or 40 doesn’t scale down very well (and vice versa). And if it’s just me, a lot of formal ritual simply isn’t necessary any more. I’ve been casting circles for 19 years – I don’t have to circumnavigate three times, draw a circle on the floor, cleanse it with salt water… Read more

In Search of Herne the Hunter

When I reviewed Hoofprints in the Wildwood – A Devotional for The Horned Lord I left open the question of whether the many horned gods of our ancestors are the same god with many names or different gods who do similar things in different places. But personally I’ve assumed they are different gods. Just from their appearance alone, it seems pretty clear to me that Pan and Cernunnos are very different beings. The exception to that is Herne. I’ve always… Read more

Sharon Knight in Denton – November 10

The Denton Covenant of UU Pagans presents Sharon Knight in concert on Saturday, November 10 at the Denton Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Doors open at 7:30 PM and the concert begins at 8:00 PM.San Francisco songstress Sharon Knight is a Celtic folk singer in leather armbands. Her distinctive voice and striking poetry have won her a loyal following across the country. Together with longtime collaborator Winter, she tours nationally several months out of the year, performing at festivals, masquerades, conventions, cafes,… Read more

Paying the Preacher, Paying the Druid

with the Rev. Don Dunn, October 10, 1987When Cathy and I got married in 1987 we didn’t have a lot of money. We wanted a nice wedding but we couldn’t afford anything extravagent, and neither could our parents. Every decision was made with an eye toward keeping costs down, and every offer to provide this or help with that was accepted with both gratitude and relief.A few weeks before the ceremony I asked my father “am I supposed to pay… Read more

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