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16 Random Things About Me

So today one of my Facebook friends tagged me in one of those deals where you’re supposed to write 16 random things about yourself. So I did–and here they are. (Oh, about the Satan play, if you know what I’m talking about: more on that very soon! Thank you for your interest!): 1. I am, [Read More…]

Think I’m a Boring Blogger? Wait’llya See Me LIVE!

For any fans of mine who live in San Diego and this Sunday don’t have anything to do, or anywhere to go, but who still feel like being somewhere at 9 a.m. in the morning … Um. So, to absolutely no one: During the “Forum” held between services, I will, this Sunday, Jan. 4, be [Read More…]

Satan’s Ministers Await Satan’s Arrival

(We are in Satan’s board room. In the room are the six ministers of his cabinet: RELIGION, FINANCE, POLITICS, EDUCATION, WAR, AND DISEASE. They are waiting for SATAN to arrive at the meeting to which he has called them all. As they are waiting for the Dark Lord to arrive, one of his ministers, perhaps [Read More…]

Merry Christmas!! (And a True Christmas Plea)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! A deep and heartfelt thanks my cyber-friends, who in this past year have done so much to make me feel so good about what I do every day. Your encouragement, love, laughter, goodwill and General Excellence have done a great deal to buttress my spirits during I’m afraid proved for me a difficult [Read More…]

Knowing the Christian Calendar

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the post you are looking for is Advent, Easter, and Ordinary Time: Knowing the Christian Calendar. [Read more…]

Strange Fruit; Flattened by Flapjacks; Lonely Daze. And Your Christmas?

Here are three things I most remember about my childhood Christmaseses (Christmasi?): My dad always put an orange inside the bottom of our stockings. I never knew why. A reminder to eat right? Filler to buff out the stockings? That made the most sense—but why an orange? Why not balled-up newspaper, Styrofoam, or an actual [Read More…]

Christian: Don’t Too Readily Dismiss the Rational Atheist

What might Christians learn from atheists? [Read more…]

Rationalists/Atheists: Don’t Too Readily Dismiss the Believer

It’s certainly no challenge for a rationalist/atheist to dismiss out of hand those who believe in God. The Christian, scoffs the rationalist, is weak-willed: superstitious, deaf to logic, incapable of independent thought, intellectually and even morally lazy. Okay. We believers can take that sort of criticism. We can (or certainly should) even acknowledge the ways [Read More…]

Top 10 Signs I Might Be Gay

1. If while talking I was ever forced to sit on my hands, it’s a certainty that within one minute I’d dislocate at least one of my shoulders. 2. I think Judy Garland is the greatest female singer in the history of women breaking the heart of the universe with the raw emotionalism and stunning [Read More…]

Do I Look Gayish to You?

So I’m sitting here this morning, idly munching my toast with peanut butter and banana (mmmm …. delicious toast with peanut butter and banana … ), when up popped a little message off my Facebook page. It said, “Zaneta M. Delgadillo just answered the question ‘Do you think John Shore is straight?’ [What Did Zaneta Say].” [Read More…]