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Atheists of America Agree: Christianity Makes Eminent Rational Sense!

As I’m sure my readers will agree, in my last post, There’s No Arguing It: We Can’t KNOW If There’s a God or Not, I conclusively proved that it is exactly as reasonable to think that there is a God as it is to think there’s not. Not one of the 50 or so people who commented on that [Read More…]

Heads, God is Real; Tails, He’s Not

As we all know, the answer to the question of whether or not there’s a God can generate lots o’ debate. (As they did/are in my last two posts, An Atheist Asks: Why Did Christ Have to Sacrifice Himself to Himself? and Inquiring Atheists Want to Know: What, Exactly, Was the Sacrifice Jesus Made?) So I thought I’d say [Read More…]

What Does the Whole ‘Atonement’ Thing Actually Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly the Atonement of Christ MEANS, here you go. [Read more…]

Why did Christ have to sacrifice himself?

In response to my recent post, God is Love, Christ is Pain, an atheist reader asked why God had to sacrifice himself in order to forgive us. “If a god who is omnipotent wanted to forgive us,” he wrote, “couldn’t he just forgive us, and make it so we never forget? Why sacrifice himself to himself?’ [Read More…]

Presidential Trivia!

  This, ladies and germs, is the one and only Dr. Richard Lederer, dressed as formally as he knows how. Lately (with How To Observe Presidents Day: Don’t Work, and How To Get Over The Post-Presidents Day Blues) we’ve have been talking trivially about presidents. Now let’s talk about presidential trivia! And who better to bring into [Read More…]

How To Get Over The Post-Presidents Day Blues

Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Emanuel Leutze (1816 – 1868). Most of these guys were probably already tired of Presidents Day, but you know you’ll never be.   The banners have come down; the red, white, and blue bunting put away; the top hats returned to storage. No more reinacting the famous cherry tree incident. No more sonorous [Read More…]

How To Observe Presidents Day: Don’t Work. Beyond That, I’m Not Sure.

Is it just me, or is Presidents Day easily the least emotionally inspiring of our holidays? Oh, sure, I always choke up a little whenever I or my wife get paid for not going to work. That’s a beautiful, even inspiring thing. But beyond that, I’m not even sure what Presidents Day is. I know that when I [Read More…]

How to Make Money Writing For Single Atheists With iPhones Who Hate Dieting Christian Homosexuals Who Love Britney Spears

Cool. That should bump up my page views. (Oh, no. At first doing that seemed so funny — but now I sense its Impending Obnoxiousness. Because you know people really will open this post — and then go, “Oh, wow. Now I so hate this guy.” And I hate it when people hate me. Not because I have any psychotic desire [Read More…]

I’m Now The Kind of Person I Usually Have Issues With

I’m about to become a teacher. Talk about karma. (By which I refer to my last post, “Life. Death. Pretending You’re a Crosswalk Guard.“) Anyway, here are Le’ Facts de’ Grunt on this class I’ll be teaching: What: Lenten study series When: Every Wednesday night, from Feb. 13 through March 12, from 7-8 p.m. (Service [Read More…]

Life. Death. Pretending You’re A Crosswalk Guard.

I have always been extremely aware of life as being mostly death that hasn’t happened yet. I have no idea why I’m like that. I suspect, though, that it has to do with the fact that you can’t be more than about six years old before understanding that the only thing ever standing between between life and death is [Read More…]