How to Subscribe to a Blog

A few people have e-mailed me asking either how they can subscribe to my blog, or even what it means to subscribe to mine or any other blog.

“Subscribing” to a blog means getting everything new that’s written on a blog sent directly to you as an email. This allows you to keep up on the blog without ever having to actually visit that blog’s website address, since all of its new content is already being sent to you!

To subscribe to this blog, just go over to the “Subscribe by email” box in the left-hand column, put your email in there, follow the two easy steps, and the next time I post an article to this blog you’ll get all the text of that article delivered in your email.

Subscribing to a blog is absurdly easy, free, and doesn’t result in any junk mail, or anything like that: your email address is ONLY used to send you blog updates. It’s just a wonderful, hassle-free use of the web.

On a more personal note, I love  it when people subscribe to my blog, because it means they’re willing to make me a part of their … well, lives, basically. Which of course is an honor. So subscribe, already! If you don’t like it, you can always, with a touch, unsubscribe. So go! Do! Have me regularly invade your inbox! Thanks!

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  • John,

    I'm honored you're honored.

    And the crowd that hangs out with you has enriching, worthwhile comments as well. Can't wait to try chrisbrewster's suggestion.


  • Its all about

    Thats where I keep up with all my blogs.

  • Google Reader Rulez!!!

    And see the link to add John's RSS feed to your Google reader to the right?

    But I have so much fun stuff in my Google reader, I'm glad to be able to subscribe to John through e-mail as well…

  • I wasn't sure if I should get into RSS readers. I've really been quite surprised to discover how many people really have no idea what RSS feeds are. So I figured I'd better answer my friendly inquiries with as simple an answer/process as I could figure..

  • John,

    Want to thank you for your blogroll featuring Hearts and Minds bookstore. It led to me getting back in touch with an old friend (and Bible study leader) after seeing he'd published a book touted as one of the year's best.

    Also exchanged a few e-mails with fellow Texas Ex-patriot Brian Shields.

    Thanks again.

    You rock.