A Chance To Be Bored By Me In Person!

I keep forgetting to communicate this, but this Saturday (4/19) I’m going to be babbling speaking at the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild “Spring Fellowship Event.” Here’s the scam on the skinny:

Spring Brunch/Fellowship

April 19, 10:30 am-1:30 pm

Faith Chapel Activity Center

9400 Campo Road, Spring Valley, Ca. 91977

Cost: $10.00 per person

email for more info: jennie@rgillespie.net

The subject of my talk will be, “Ticking People Off: Genetic Propensity, or Learned Behavior?”

Just kidding. It’ll be, “Always Prepared: Why I Wear Asbestos Underpants.”


It’ll be, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Was Dorothy a Lesbian?”

Okay, fine. What I’ll really  be talking about is writing, and “making it” as a writer, and writing for the Christian market, and what all like that. Come out if you can! I’d love to see you, and I know the folks in this huge, very active collective of Christian writers will right away make you glad you popped by.

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  • Oh, cool! I can't wait to meet you! I think you're awesome! I love everything about you! I'm sure at least 500 people will show up to hear and see you! You've got thousands of fans all across the country! They'll flock to hear you speak! You are my hero. I love you. God bless you and the work you're doing.


    Someone who is definitely not you but who probably should get back to work.

  • Ooops. Um. Never mind.

  • John,

    Can you fly some of your fans on the East Coast in? And is there a chapter of Christian Writer’s Guild in D.C.?

    Google was inconclusive there.

    Seriously, are you going to explain the difference between a Christian writer and a writer who is a Christian?

    How about a webinar? or you could videotape it and sell the DVD?

    I'll try to get in touch with Ric and we'll organize the East Coast Chapter of the John Shore Fan Club. We'll handle the marketing.

    As long as you're at it, can you comment with the links back to your blog entries on writing?

    Seriously, are you going to explain the difference between a Christian writer and a writer who is a Christian?



  • John,

    And I can't understand why I can't get a gig as an editor.


  • Sam: Well, for the purposes of the group, I suppose the difference would be typical enough: A "Christian writer" would be someone who does or intends to write for the Christian market/audience.

  • John,

    The webinar idea from Sam was something I was going to echo. So I will.

    How about a webinar? Or you could videotape it and sell the DVD?

  • Oh! Gotcha! I've not before heard the term "webinar." But–duh. Right. Are you serious? Do you think anyone would want to … DO that sort of thing with me? I couldn't even imagine how to set such a thing up. DOES sound rather fun, though. If I wasn't such a techno-dweeb…


    Way kewl! Podcast yourself, make it available via Odeo.com, or that really obscure site, uh what is it….oh yeah, that iTunes thingy. Mate the whole thing with a looks-like-you Voki symbiant from Voki.com. We can pretend we're watching you on a PBS fund-raising broadcast, with a Zwinky to drum up funds during the breaks: we send you money, you send us a wonderful subscriber gift like an autographed glossy 8 x 10. You're an overnight Rockstar Writer, bebe! 😮

  • Uh. Yeah. Could you set that up for me, please, and then get back to me when it's all set up? Shouldn't take you more than about a half hour, right? Thanks!

  • What's this? DO the top tabs on my site here hide the majority of text on my masthead??? It all look perfect in my (IE) browser. Are you KIDDING me wih this?

  • What would be the point of KIDDING you? Oh wait. It would be fun, that's why.

    But yes, in both Safari and Firefox on my 17 and 13 inch monitors, the top row of buttons overlap the masthead text. All I can read is Suddenly Christian and then the tag line underneath remains a mystery. 1958 is visible…though I wish it wasn't it that means that you're actually 2 years younger than me. Sigh.

  • Since Sam can see it all, maybe it's just me.

    Now the question is, are you MESSING with me??!!

  • Someone once said to me, "Do you think you have the 'Ministry of Rebuke?' " Seriously though, wish I lived in USA nothing much really to get excited with over here in Australia. Perhaps that sounds critical but you do have so much over there. Would have loved to come to your Spring Fellowship event-however, I'll be there in spirit ???

  • You aren’t a techno-dweeb John? NO! Stop it! Why, the fact that your top tabs hide the majority of the text on your masthead would never give that away to anyone.

    Was that my out loud voice?

  • Welcome to John Shore Land. John Shore. Finding himself amusing since 1958. – That’s a cut and paste so you’re cool in IE at least. – Sam

  • arlywn

    how about… this is just an idea, but stay with me here…. how about you skip california and just come to the east coast. Like NC…. yea. that could work.

  • Penlee: How sweet! Thank you!

    Arlywn: I’d like that, actually. My dad lives in NC.

  • Laura

    On your way to the east coast you could stop in the middle of the country! Like, say… Colorado. I think you’d fit in here pretty good.

  • You know, as I blogged about here lo’ these many moons gone by now, my wife and I were going to MOVE to Colorado about this time last year. And then prices started falling, and–lo and behold!!–it began to look as if it just might in some miraculous way come to pass that we’d actually be able afford some little hovel right here in San Diego. So we thought we’d stick it out, and see. And … lo and behold againith!

    (Hey, Laura: I don’t know if I thanked you for your last exceedingly kind and very touching comment. Thank you for it.)

  • It's my understanding that Governor Gropenator is going to declare John Shore a California Treasure, meaning John and kin will have to stay in the Golden State.

    So the rest a ya, keepa ya hands offa our John Shore-a.

  • arlywn

    okay… then in that case the capital of california… can be moved to the NC. lol.

  • DoughDoughHead

    IT! ( the button did say "Say it". So i did! You can't condemn me for that can you? huh? HUH? 🙂