Death By Blogging!

In today’s New York Times is a story about people who blog so much it kills them. It talks about the stress of bloggers “toiling under great physical and emotional stress created by the around-the-clock Internet economy that demands a constant stream of news and comment.” (That article, “In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop,” is here.)

You know, I blog quite a bit, and I certainly do experience the constant stress of having to meet the demands of the Internet economy. This is mainly because, for me, participating in the Internet economy through blogging means getting paid virtual money. I like virtual money, but have trouble trading it for stuff.

Just yesterday, for instance, I was trying to buy a gallon of milk, and when the cashier said, “That’ll be $7.50,” I said, “Oh, that’s all right. I blog a lot.” And she had the nerve to look at me like I was crazy. Hoping to enlighten this mall-bangs-wearing gum chewer about my vital role in the stress-filled world of the Internet economy, I continued. “Seriously. I post five, six times a week. Pretty long pieces, too. Some of them are quite humorous.”

Instead of replying with the expected, “Would you like paper or plastic?”, she called security. And if you don’t think it’s stressful being thrown out of a Von’s by a guy probably running a blog called, “I Am Too A Cop,” then you need to get more involved with the Internet economy.

And blogging isn’t compromising only my mental health, either. My back and neck are in constant pain. The problem is that I blog while lying on my couch, which is dangerously soft and fluffy. This means that within minutes of my beginning yet another grueling blog post, all you can see on our couch is my head, my stomach, and my laptop. That’s not good for me. And it’s not good for my wife, either, whose nerves are a wreck from the stress of constantly having to urge me to get a job that pays actual, legal tender. Or to at least move my feet.

No, fellow bloggers, we’re not suffering from any sort of imaginary ailment. This is real. It’s time the medical and psychiatric community recognize what so many of us have known for so long now. We’re suffering from Blogger’s Syndrome. Or, as I’m sure it’ll come to be known, B.S.

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  • Blogger's Syndrome … I love it! Wish I'd coined it myself since it's sure to become a much-used term in the future. Funny stuff …

  • My goodness, Mr. Shore, $7.50 for a gallon of milk! That's as high as a cat's back.

    Incidentally, the name of that security guard's blog is not "I Am Too A Cop" — although you are very close. It's actually "I Too Am A Cop." I only mention that because (not unlike yourself) his handling of subordinate clauses is spectacular, and syntax means a great deal to him.

  • 😆

  • Winey: Thanks. Seriously.

    Miss Priss: My FIRST vote actually was, as you suggest "I, Too, Am A Cop." But then I remembered that Mr. X was a security guard, and could give a crap (as could I, actually) about subordinate clauses.

  • Andy Christensen

    You are hilarious.

  • Haha! I was out at a local tavern with a couple of blogger buddies and our wives Saturday night. The ladies were talking about life as a Blogging Widow! And they were laughing! I don't think they knew I had switched my ears to their conversation while Christian was talking.

  • Richard Lubbers

    In all that you do, do it as unto the Lord. I would assume that includes blogging. You're doing a fine job, and I appreciate the image of your work posture.

    Text without ceasing? Does Godhave an avatar?

  • Kathyrn, Andy and Ric: Thanks so much. Very kind!! (Ric: You have "blogging buddies"? I want a blogging buddy….)

  • JOHN: I know how addicting blogging can be. Let me suggest that if you ever decide to take a short break from your laptop, GO FLY A KITE! There is a wonderful company in Boulder, Colorado, called Into The Wind (, and they sell a bazillion different kinds of colorful kites and accessories. And there are websites such as that you can find wind forecasts for your local area. I've found that few things are more sublime than watching one's kite turning hither and thither overhead. I wish more parents could pry their kids away from their computer games long enough to teach them the pleasures of kite flying. You should try it, trust me. There must be all sorts of gorgeous kite-flying spots near where you live.

  • Next time Christian, Badguy, and I go out to a tavern you're invited! You'll need plane tickets to the east coast. Show up and you're in! I'll even let you sign Penquins & I'm OK for me.

  • Your problem John is that you do all of your blogging on one or maybe two blogs. I have found the key to surviving BS (which I always thought stood for Brian Shields, not Blogging Syndrome) is to have dozens of different blogs. That way no one blog is updated more than say seven or eight times a day.

    So the next time you think I'm a slacker, just head over to or or or or or…

    Sorry to cut this short, but I just thought of a new domain to register…

  • Leif Sr.

    Too funny. Here comes another volume for the psychiatric library.

    I can't wait for the Law and Order episode where the young blogger is so overwhelmed he murdered his roommate, or better yet a passing jogger and the show could be called, "The blogger and the jogger!"

  • Well put, sir. And I couldn't agree more … the pressure to be the snarkiest is almost too extreme to bear!

    And yet I carry on …

    Man I hope I don't die … that would suck.

  • couches are quite bad…

    can't belive you do that… for hours and hours a week too! I do a lot of typing a week (as well) but I sit like a monkey. People who know me well think I'm crazy, but you may find it therapeutic (if you have a big enough chair)..but bring your knees high and to the outside…with your arms reaching through. This rounds your tailbone under more… and thus stretches the lower lumbar vertebre and placed more (but less tension) on the mid-back. Alternate though… this is from a certified massage therapist. 🙂 just become comfortable being labeled a "typing monkey"… i've become accustomed to it.

  • Daniel's Critic

    Well, I can't imagine a better way to go…

    LOL ! 🙂


    Back in the dark ages (10 years ago), I had a client in the graphic arts field who told me he was being treated by a psychologist for his "computer addiction." "It's killing me, it's ruining my life, I'm on-line 8 or 9 hours a day, sometimes all night!" Later, I received a brochure about a 2-day workshop the same psychologist was offering for "computer addictives". What irony when you compare today's user (yeah, baby, I'm a user — you got something for me?): between the desktop, the laptop, the smartphone/iPhone/PDA, and my Bluetooth earring, when am I unplugged?

    The NY Times author might have looked a bit more closely. It's not stress killing bloggers, it's those impossible-to-open Cheetoes packets. I've some rather nasty paper cuts from them, which of course, are exacerbated by the sting of that lovely orange cheese powder….

  • Leif Sr.

    That would be the authentic imitation cheese.


    Yes, exactly!

    I've forgotten the exact relationship, but the authentic imitation cheese is a relative of genuine Naugahyde. 😉

  • Man, all this stuff is so funny. These comments are cracking me up…

  • Ya know….it seems like it wasn't that long ago when we didn't even have most of this techie stuff. I'm only 55 now, and I can remember carrying cash and/or checks around with me (no ATM cards yet). I remember only using a credit card very sparingly then. My first personal computer was an Atari 800XL. I even remember the "Nauga." Hmm…come to think of it, I can easily recall having to get up and change the channel on the TV (no remote). In fact, I watched black-and-white TV for a long time. Yeah, I'm on a roll now….when I was a kid, we walked twenty miles (uphill both ways) through the snow to go to school!!!! Ok, I'll stop now….

  • I am sure John Bunyan would have loved to have that term in his day. Just imagine blogging your way up that mount.

  • Chuck: I WILL go fly a kite! I love kites! Thanks for the idea!

    Brian: How do you do it?

    Cookie: "Man, I hope I don't die. That would suck." TOTALLY FUNNY!"

    Ken: Wow. I'd forgotten about a lot of that stuff. Cool. Or sad. Or something.

    Penlee: Blogging your way up a mount! Too funny!!!

  • Neon Java – Pringles are easier to open. I suggest switching.

    I'd say more, but I just put three hours into a post and then decided to pull it, so if I don't rewrite, I'll feel like I didn't spend enough time on my hobby …

  • peter iezzi

    I may seem a bit "unawakened" here, but could someone take the valuable time to tell me….WHAT IS A BLOG!?