Great. Thanks to Yahoo, I Now Work For Blockbuster.

I just noticed that automatically attached to the bottom of every Yahoo email I get or send is this lovely message: “You rock. That’s why Blockbuster’s offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.” With “one month of Blockbuster Total Access” being a link, of course.

Apparently, from now on, whenever I email someone, I’ll also be sending them an ad for Blockbuster Total Access.

I swear, every day becoming one of those guys with a shotgun who lives in a shack way out in the woods somewhere becomes an increasingly attractive lifestyle choice. 

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  • Hjordes

    Just checked – I don't have ads attatched to the Yahoo emails I'm sending (yet). Gosh, it's bad enough that they've put ads on our email page that *we* have to see.

    I'm with you and Dominique, if I can bring my llamas.

  • You don't have my snail mail address do you, Ted Kaczynski er… I mean John Shore?

  • Neon Tango

    Ok, ok, ok: you may have my last Gmail invitation! Whatever it takes to keep you from Yahoo-ing off to the woods. 😉

  • Hjordes: Of course, bring your llamas! I LOVE llama burgers!

  • Amen. And not just because of the llama burgers (haha!).

    And why can't I buy a shirt without an embroidered company logo? I feel like a Nascar driver.

  • Ric! HA! Funny! I joined a gym in January, and I wear Nike workout clothes. I feel like Swooshy Boy. Which is better than Swishy Boy, I guess. But still.

  • Ah, and then there are the ads that LITERALLY hijack your browser and make it impossible to WORK.

    My grandparents were Amish but left the lifestyle, sometimes I almost wish they hadn't.

  • For real. I've got this freakin BOINGO ad/program stuck on my hard drive that periodically launches itself, taking over my computer. I've spent hours upon hours trying to uninstall it; apparently NOBODY knows how. I hate, hate, hate it.

    Ah, the Amish. Now THERE'S a people who know how to avoid … browser hijacking.

  • arlywn

    I suppose thats better than being the only spokewoman for trees everywhere. Cause that's what I feel like. I hate when telemarketer people call me. And they talk fast. Especially in the morning when I'm sound asleep. They call, when I'm sound asleep, pitch whatever it is while I'm still wondering why people are calling at 8 in the morning on a friday- and then, all excitedly… "SO we're going to send it to you, okay?"

    WAIT….. send me what? Nicely I have to grunt back to them to repeat whatever it was they said 5 minutes ago. Cause I wasnt listening. I must shatter that whole fast talking confidence they have in the first minutes of the conversation. This guy, very subdued now repeats confusedly, " A credit report, we're going to send you a free credit report. Okay?"

    No its not okay. Really not okay, I got a packet about that, and the credit report wasnt free, It was 12.99 each month. that they would automatically take out of my account. each month. I told him to save a tree, and just dont send it.

    " why?" Why what? Why save a tree, or why dont send it to me? I asked him too.

    "Why dont send it?" Cause I dont have credit. There for I dont need a credit report.

    that was okay too apparently. This credit report was cool enough to help me ACHEIVE that credit. I told him to save a tree. He got confused again, so I had to explain the fact that, as great as credit was. As important as credit is… if you have nothing that was acquired with credit and nothing in the near future (meaning a year or more) that is acquired by credit, then credit is a pointless thing to know. So… save a tree, dont send it to me.

    some days I feel bad for being a spokeswoman for trees. But dr. seuss is right. I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues. And I dont like junk mail. mostly I dont like junk mail. Trees cool, junk mail no.

  • Question: Why Yahoo???

  • Whaddaya mean?

  • Arnette

    Alright now, John…you're sounding a little "Unabomberish". It'll be alright. Just hit the dang DELETE button after you get finished with the part you want to read. It IS a shame though…and on top of all the SPAM we get.

  • But, see, it's not that I'm being forced to read Blockbuster ads that OTHER people are sending me–though they are attached to emails that come to me via Yahoo. The part I Unabomberishly loathe is that I'M forced, myself, to actually send out those same ads, since I use Yahoo. This is my unabomberly gripe.

  • I am so with you!!! Especially with the shotgun!!!! lol

  • arlywn

    maybe you could write yahoo and ask them nicely to take the ads off your account. it could work…

  • Santa phoned this morning Arlywn. He said you can expect him to stop by your house around 1:00 p.m. And oh yeh, be sure to clear some room in the living room for that big 52 inch flat screen he'll be bringing.

  • When I saw the title of this post I totally cracked up…then I read the post and sat hear laughing with tears streaming down my cheeks. And the comments…

    I often wish I could load up the monsters and find a nice isolated place to stick my head in the sand but then I wonder what we'll eat and come back to reality.

    I just noticed the BB adds this morning on one of my emails. I wonder if you pay for Yahoo does it still put adds on the emails? Cause on the free service it doesn't bother me but if I were paying for it I think I would be torqued!


  • arlywn

    I've honestly never noticed the ads. but I have the free version so I dont know. I would think it would be the opposite honestly. and what is wrong with asking for sometihng? I'm a big fan of it.

    If I dont understand something… I ask some one.

    If I get lost (which I do… more than normal) I ask for directions.

    If I think I can get something free, or already are and want to know if something else will benefit me… I ask someone. It is a very handy trait.

    hey anita… do you think that big 52 inch tv that santa will bring will have a remote thats fluffy and pink?

  • arlywn

    **** santa…. why are those words so similar?????????????????

  • a guy with a shotgun!



    good idea.

    thank you

  • arlywn

    whooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satan is coming early!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • John,

    Can I live in my jeep near the shack? I could come in handy regarding hiding out. I suggest the Ozarks – just be careful if you come across someone’s still.

    And I know someone there who raises Alpacas. They taste sort of like llamas.


  • I've noticed that a lot more when I get emails from various people. Hotmail does the same thing, I always notice it advertising MSN or Microsoft related ventures. That's fine if I'm reading something involving technology, but not in my emails.

  • Taryn

    I noticed it on an email I got from a friend today, but it was a forward so I just assumed that whoever sent it to him worked for Blockbuster…now I know. And as for hiding out, you can come to my place…my parents love the woods, so we're secluded from everything. Trust me, it's not all it's cracked up to be.

  • joe

    Get Gmail…….

  • I keep getting these unwanted windows popping up telling me that Explorer can't display some thing I didn't try to open … On my laptop, Explorer is doing its own thing while I use Firefox. I suppose I should do something about that.