Soul to Sole

For those kind enough to inquire as to what shoes I now favor, below are Shoe Cheesecake Shots of my current athletic shoe wear. (Shoeweare? Shoeware? Showwear? Showbiz? Whatever.) I bought them two months ago, for about $80. I wear them to the gym four or five times a week, which causes me increasing anguish, because in my personal and private Shoe Hall of Fame, these bad boys rank #1 in both style and comfort, which means the thought of wearing them out and not having them anymore brings me mild but persistant anxiety. I like these retro-boss shoes like I’ve liked few shoes in my life, and (as those of you who read my last post, A Painful Memory know), I tend to serioulsy dig my shoes.

Anyway, these are my current tootsie tuxedos. I love the way they basically look like bowling shoes. According to their Tongue Tag, they’re Air Max 360’s, model #315380-461.

Here we see them looking unabashedly coy, yet distinctly obscene.



Okay, this is just wrong.


This is how my shoes would look to you if we were standing face to face chatting, and you looked down at my feet, and me and everything else I was wearing was invisible. And you were about 4′ 9″.


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  • I like Nike!

    I like the color of your shoes!

    I like!

  • Me, too! They’re so … appealingly geeky.

    The look like shoes that someone in 1956 would have thought were definite Shoes of the Future.

  • Personally I’m more of an Asics person (the jogging, the narrow feet and all…), but dude, those are fantastic. Slap some wheels on the bottom and we can go to Skateland!

    (You could always stockpile a few more pairs and hide them in your closet in the event you NEVER find shoes as cool as these again. 2 or 3 pairs should be sufficient before you want to try something different. Er–this is what I’m told, anyway)

  • Okay I won’t go into the whole Nike is evil rant, although I agree with much of it.

    I only wear New Balance not because I’m morally superior but because they come in VELCRO!!

    My shoelaces haven’t come untied in three years… except metaphorically.

  • Exactly. It's all about the color. And I SURE didn't way there's anything WRONG with being 4' 9". I'm just saying that's how tall you'd have to be to have the shoes look like that. But you tell me!

  • arlywn

    are you sure? Wouldnt they look like that if you were taller?

  • If of helps Brian any with his high and mighty moral superiority, I am wearing at this very moment a pair on Nike sneaks that were designed by a little girl to raise money for a local children's hospital…azure blue suede sides, navy blue leather tongue and swoosh and peace, love and life written on the rubber. Moral superiority my size 10 foot!

  • But Anita, you miss my point. I really don't care all that much about the children in sweatshops… as long as I have the VELCRO to make sure my shoes never come untied… except metaphorically.

    "Shields' shoes sure came untied last week when he wrote that comment about St. Paul."

    Perhaps, but at least my shoelaces didn't trip me up while walking down Market Street…

  • Skerrib: You crack me up. Too funny. And you’re right about the extra-extra pairs. I should. They’re kinda expensive, though! Still….

    Brian: I’m talking about TOTALLY BITCHIN’ SHOES, and you’re giving me children in sweat shops? Dude. Get your priorities straight.

  • arlywn

    whats wrong with 4′ 9″? I think thats how tall I am. I… prefer reeboks. Princess. But those are pretty spiffy in the color range.

  • Oh, did I say 4′ 9″? Sorry. I meant 9′ 4″. Duh. Sorry.

  • arlywn

    see? that sounds better. more mathmatically correct. lol

  • Oh. Well then…as long as its not about exploited children and the really important stuff like Velcro and stumble-prevention.

    Thanks for the clarification Brian!

  • "Stumble prevention." What a great phrase.

    I think you guys are missing the point. I think what's vital to note is that a recent study funded by the Bush administration has proved conclusively that child sweat is both a superior bonding agent AND a an extremely proficient water repellent. I don't want to exploit children, of course. But I need good, reasonably waterproof shoes. So what can I do? It's like eating beef. Love cows; hate dying young from a lack of protein. So I'm stuck. It's just like that.

  • arlywn

    According to Something In The Way, its okay to eat fish cause they dont have feelings…