How Barack Obama Sees John McCain

This is:

A. How Barack Obama sees John McCain

B. How John McCain sees Bill Clinton

C. How Bill Clinton sees Monica Lewinsky

D. How Monica Lewinskly sees Jenny Craig

E. How Jenny Craig sees everybody

F. All of the above

G. A blogfish

H. A blobfish

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  • arlywn

    awww…….. john you made it sad!

  • Elizabeth

    Nah, JS… This would be the love child of Rosie O'Donnell and Jenny Craig!

  • Candace

    Michael Jackson's 100th birthday photo

  • FreetoBe

    Can't be Michael Jackson, it's nose is too BIG.

  • Candace

    You have a point there, Free. Too big and not — engineered-looking.

    Ah well, back to the drawing board …

  • Lynn

    My thoughts? I think it is one of Obama's delegates…who bought the whole shebang- hook, line and sinker 🙂

  • John, up until now I got the humor behind the other two photos/posts, but how is putting up a photo of John McCain and then saying it's a photo of John McCain funny? Am I missing something?

  • Oh…SNAP, Anita!

  • That was extremely funny, Anita.

  • Frowning vomit. That is too funny.

    The thing to me is, what is that UNBELIEVABLY disgusting looking thing sticking out of the righthand side of its mouth??

  • My son looked at this one and said, “I never knew that vomit could frown.”

    I think that that just about covers it.

  • Candace

    No, silly, the thing on the blobfish's lip. Parasitic copepod. I looked it up.

    And, btw, in its natural environment (and alive), its not quite that ugly. Ugly still — no getting around it. But less so. Not counting the fact he lives like 6 miles deep so there's no light to see him by anyway.

    For more info, check out "blobfish" on wikipedia. (Very lazy fish. Just sorta floats, and eats whatever passes by.)

  • Candace

    Oh, cool! I can SOOOO help you out with that, John! It’s a parasitic copepod. (Honest. It really is.)

  • If a parasitic copepod is the same as a blob fish, then … that’s what it is!

  • A Wha…? Paris Hilton with her iPod ? Why is it in her mouth ?

  • Candace

    Daniel –

    If you're asking about the thing on the fish, it's in/on/at the mouth because that's where the yummy chunks of leftover fish food are … parasitic copepods being even lazier about food procurement than blobfish.

    If you're wanting insight into the whys and wherefores of anything that goes into Paris Hilton's mouth? Daren't hazard any guesses. Perhaps others are braver …

  • arlywn

    our newspaper informed the readers that John McCain would not… be voting for equal pay for women. He lost my vote right there. Cause… I'm a girl… and.. I like equal pay? Yea, that was the right point. But I dont think hes racist- he just wants to avoid the "issues that would come from this" I think……..

    this is still an ugly fish.