What Hillary Looks Like In Obama’s Dreams

This is:

A. What Hillary Clinton looks like in Barack Obama’s dreams

B. Batman in his much, much later years

C. The love child of E. T. and Liza Minnelli

D. The pet mouse of Barry Bonds

E. Me, suffering God’s punishment for making jokes at the expense of others

F. Satan’s little bundle of joy, Beelzebubby

G. An Aye-aye, the world’s largest nocturnal primate, native to Madagascar

Not buying any of these? Offer your own guess!

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  • FreetoBe

    OK, I found it's brother. Interesting *hands*


    Funny: A, B, C, D, …… ok, it's all funny.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • I wonder if this one has, like, Aye-aye mange? Or just … the worst publicist EVER, or … what?

  • Know what I really love? The wordpress auto-generated relationships. And that can only mean this hysterical post is being auto-linked from some dry political analysis blog.

  • I have absolutely no idea.

    But I think it's related to him:


  • Oh dear Lord. Personally I think it's an anorexic chihuahua. 😀

  • Dianne

    I think it's Norma Desmond still waiting for her close up.

  • H. Our love child.

  • Leif Sr.

    I. All of the above.

  • I think he must be related to Marty Feldman.


  • This is too funny. Our love child. I CRACKED UP!!

    Now I'm thinking the "Old man Batman" joke isn't working so well. I want to do a "love child of Batman and X" joke instead, but I've already done one like that, and can't do two out of five like that.

    The love child of Batman and Liza Minnelli would probably be FUNNIER than the love child of Liza Minnelli and ET–but that middle finger! It's so E.T. ish.

    Except, wait. ET had a really loong INDEX finger, didn't he?

    So I should have went with Batman and Liza Minnelli. Funnier.

    You know what I cut? "Joan Rivers without here make-up." FUNNY–but, alas, too mean.

    The love child of Joan Rivers and Don Knotts would have been funny.

    "Beezelbubby" just cracked me up.

    "What I looked like to my sister when my mom brought me home from the hosipital" would have been … too true. But funny!

  • John,

    The Batman joke totally worked with me.

    I was afraid to comment lest someone note my avatar and think I'd cloned a "mini-me."

    Also, for some reason your image won't display – hope it is my browser and not a coup.


  • Candace

    I think it looks a little like my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Tarquinio. Right after my class drove her to a nervous breakdown.

    Seriously. She looked just like that, screaming at us one day. The next day she was gone and we had a substitute teacher the rest of the year.

    Which we thought was an absolute riot then, but now? Not so much. Sigh. Another amends to add to the (long) list!

    Of the funny answers (i.e., all the others)? I like the Joan Rivers ones, actually. And truth be told, I can see Joan making those on herself!

  • John, what's really cool is that your photo and the photo of Beelzebubby (my favorite) are directly across from each other in my browser window. Well, for some bizarre reason I was immediately reminded of the photo game…you know…the one where two identical photos are placed side by side and then you have to find and circle the hidden differences between them. Well, I tried it and I came up with six things:

    1. The eye glasses are missing in the photo on the left.

    2. The hair on top of the head is shorter on the photo on the right.

    3. Left photo is missing a shirt.

    4. Right photo teeth are showing. Lots of teeth.

    5. Main photo characters are of a different ethnicity.

    The sixth one was the hardest to locate but I finally noticed that

    6. The ears in the photo on the left are slightly bigger.

    Fun game John! What a nice bonus for your readers 🙂

  • I hate you.

  • Do not.

  • Judy

    It's Yoda's great, great, great, grandfather, Narwan. It's all in the ears.

    You're a funny, funny man John Shore!

  • I think the poor fella was being told a bad joke.

  • Lynn

    Sheesh, I just had to open this email just before going to bed.

    I think I would have chosen E…but you have more hair…and I can't tell if your eyes are yellow or not.

    Thanks John for this image that will probably be replicated into THE nightmare-of-2008.

    [I wonder if the Lord would mind if I said something like…"that is ONE UGLY creature, Lord. Ewwww."]

  • Okay, NARWAN is funny. It DOES look like Yoda's ancestor. Or his idiot cousin.

    I don't think the Lord would have a problem with calling this creature ugly. I think he'd have a problem with you NOT.

    And it DOES look like he's being told a bad joke! By, like, a naked George Burns.

  • Do not.

    And I noticed the difference in mania between the two. How could anyone not notice?! I was just being kind which as you know, is a weakness of mine. Excessively kind.

  • Do too.

    You're kind? My behind. Where you'll find. Nice and shined. A place you're inclined. To say you've dined.

  • Anonymous

    Bored, I followed the link Free provided and noticed the adults look a bit less frightening. (And hairier. Maybe more like John when he doesn't shave?)

    Anyway, so much for the theory that all babies are cute.

    And I hope Lynn went to bed before she read that last bit by John!

    Thanks for the entertainment, btw. Judging by the first 2.5 hours of my 10-hour shift, I'll need more if I hope to stay awake tonight …

  • Do, too.

    Though, in comparing their facial expresssions, I MIGHT have noticed that the creature’s on the left is SLIGHTLY less manic. But I wouldn’t tell YOU.

  • fozmeadows

    Ooh ooh! It’s the offspring of a rat and a chihuahua. Ten points!

  • LMAO

  • Anonymous: Is that you, Brian? (NO MORE ANONYMOUS POSTS FOR YOU!)

    Elizabeth: Ruth Buzzy and Marty Feldman! TOO FUNNY! Another poster, the great Ric Booth, also mentioned Marty Feldman. Do people know/remember Marty Feldman! I guess they do!

    Prince: Yes, I believe the Yoda contigency is going to carry the day…

  • Candace


    Nope, it was ME! Still flirting with my 15 minutes of fame 😉

    But now my night is over and I'm outta here. My pillow is calling me!

  • Anonymous

    Hey! It let me post without filling in my info. Who knew??

    Wonder if I should remain incognito …

    And what’s with the quilt squares for us non-photo avatar types?

  • Elizabeth

    ROFLOL!!!!!!! Laughing until I am crying!!!! SOooooooo funny, JS!

    If you asked me (and yeah, I know you didn’t), I think it’s probably the love child of Ruth Buzzy and Marty Feldman…

  • Hahahahahahahahahhaha

    Very funny John…

    Sure, that Obama thing cracked me and after all am a Kenyan…

    Aah yeah the guy who said something about Master Yoda… hmmm… am inclined to agree

  • I don't know what that is, but it looks like he's about to give his handler a big wet one…look at how his mouth is puckered up!

  • Do not.

    You’re kind? My behind. Where you’ll find. Nice and shined. A place you’re inclined. To say you’ve dined.

    Impressive with the lyrical verse and all. Just so you know, I am now responding with an interpretative dance.

  • And I am now imagining you pracing about dressed in naught but a unitard.

    Oh, shoot. Now I'm again infatuated with you.


  • Oh man, you are one sick Beelzebubby…

    And last time I checked unitards don't come in plus sizes and we all have a great and loving God to thank for that.

  • krissmith777

    ROFLMAO!!!! That is so bad, and so funny

  • John,

    My daughter, 6, would not let me get her the aye-aye for a pet.

    My son, 10, said that would be too creepy to wake up and see.

    We're enjoying the strange animal photos.


  • Yeah, I'd say the Aye-aye wouldn't make for the greatest pet. Except I think those Ugly Dog contests pay their winners pretty well. So ….