Exploited Cat In Illegitimate Apartment Zoo!

These stark pictures are the emotionally wrenching evidence that a nefarious renter in my apartment complex is shamelessly exploiting their elderly cat for the visual gratification of even the most mildly curious passers-by on their way to the laundry room. Loving your cat is one thing. Turning your cat into an illegitimate zoo display is another

As I approached this scene, I could barely believe my compassionate eyeballs.


Oh, cruel world! A poor cat being used a cheap zoo apartment display!
And an informational placard! Who ARE these maniacs?


This entire display was almost too cute cruel to contemplate.


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  • http://fvthinker.blogspot.com Mike (FVThinker) Bur

    Here I go off-topic again…

    Dog Theology

    You pet me, You feed me, You shelter me, and You love me. You must be God.

    Cat Theology

    You pet Me, you feed Me, you shelter Me, and you love Me. I must be God.

    (source unknown)

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Pet Snake Theology

    You pet me, You feed me, You shelter me, and You love me. I'm gonna squeeze you till you pop.

  • http://samwrites2.wordpress.com samwrites2

    Wow! Great idea shown there. I bet that's some sort of tax shelter.

  • http://skerrib.blogspot.com Skerrib

    Totally dangerous. What if Stranger Danger gets hold of that information, and then tries to catnap ol' Roscoe sometime when he's outdoors?

    "Hey Roscoe, I lost my pet mouse, jump into the back of my catnip-infused van and help me look for him…"

  • http://angelbearoh.wordpress.com George R. Eddy

    Are there ever times when Roscoe is not there? I don’t see anything about that window that keeps the cat detained.

    Excuse me while I download a new copy of Strategic Baseball Simulator.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Exactly ….

  • http://anziulewicz.livejournal.com Chuck Anziulewicz

    I admire the tenant's sense of humor! And the cat appears to be just as inscrutably … er, CONTENTED as my own cat, BooBoo, typically is.