Is This the Right Name For a Port-a-Potty?



The answer is no.

In the same vein: Brilliant Work of Modern Art, or Actual Garbage?, This Vanity Plate Confuses Me and First Dorothy! Now Me!





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  • Skerrib

    When I was little they were known as Porta-Johns.

    I'm just sayin'…

  • pontiacdan45


    Here we call them Oui Oui.

  • totaltransformation

    Is this photoshopped?

  • Penlee

    Aha! Found how to get hold of you see my other email comment on not hearing from you since around May. Regarding driving and talking on cell phones you wouldn’t want to believe how many are just snubbing their nose at this law here in Ozzie Land. Weird name for that Portaloo should be “We Go Where You God.”

  • John Shore

    Photoshopped? Are you kidding? No, no: I can barely SPELL Photoshop. Since I bought a camera I’ve spent … I don’t know… a half hour walking around the downtown area of the town I live in, looking for stuff I think might be good for this blog. I found this port-a-pot. That’s it!

  • John Shore

    Wickle: That's … the absolute worst. Now I may have to fly out to New England and kill somebody. Bummer.

    Angel: That's why they spell it "Kleen," instead of clean. They know they're liars.

    Skerrib: When I was little–in California, anyway–they were called Porta-Skerribs. But I don't know how common that is anymore.

  • ric booth

    You Californians are like in a completely different state.

  • wickle

    It could be worse …

    Here in New England there is a port-a-potty company called Blow Brothers with the slogan, “We’re #1 in the #2 business.”

    I’m not kidding.

  • John Shore

    Ric: It's true. We're in a state of denial. We refuse to believe that, when push comes to shove, all that really matters is how you look. Which is wrong. Which is why, apparently, God has decided to burn down the entire state. But that's really just a guess.

  • samwrites2


    Around here, we have "Johnny on the Spot."

    – Sam

  • John Shore

    oooooooo, that is good…

  • John Shore

    let's see…if I had a porta-potty business, I'd call it … um … let's think.

    Go Anywhere

    Stop 'n Go

    Pit Stops

    Why Aim?

    okay, that's enough of that

  • angelbearoh

    When I attended a free concert and fireworks in Dublin, OH last Friday, I used a portable toilet called Porta-Kleen. How can they call it “kleen” when your digestive byproduct falls into a heavily perfumed blue liquid?

  • odgie

    Better than "Dumpy's"

  • the blonde photograp

    a few weeks ago i saw these at a festival in bmore:

  • John Shore

    Wow, Odgie. Good point. "Dumpy's." That is SO funny.

    Blonde: "Gotugo," sounds like the name of some exotic island you'd visit and take awesome photos of…. But never, ever go the REAL Gotugo and take any photos at all. Ever.

  • arlywn

    I think the name of this porta potty is hinting at things that have nothing to do with the bathroom, and everything that has to do with 1-2 people.

  • Grace

    At the New Children's Museum they have a Party Potty exhibit complete with I-pod and disco ball inside.

  • lonetruth

    Perfect name! :)

  • Bruce Donaldson

    I was humbled to find one at a local farm called the "Bruce"… WHAT?!!

    I welcome ANY other name with joy after that…

  • John Shore

    I’m sorry, Bruce, but I really cannot feel ANY sympathy for you on this.



  • Mary K




  • loohire

    We once had a competition here for the staff to come up with a slogan. The results were fantastic – mostly unrepeatable on your blog but one that I will always remember was "You dump it we'll pump it" (we didn't use it)