This Vanity Plate Confuses Me

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  • ric booth

    Even though I'm an enlightened yoga guru, I still want to date girls in bikinis in the privacy of my own mind.

  • FreetoBe


    I don't get it. I'll take ric's answer.

  • John Shore

    Free: I, too, went there. The best I could come up with was "Yogabl U," as in "Loveable You." But … no.

  • John Shore

    It totally cracks me up that 50% of the people who've responded to this poll have answered "I have a bong in my trunk."

  • the blonde photograp

    what is this blog turning into? photo safari hunt??



  • samwrites2


    I don't suppose anyone came up with the fact BLU is apparently some underground artists who make surreal graffiti, videos and "art." Looks sort of like the cartoons in Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

    Put that together with yoga and you get either peaceful, terrifying imagery or nihilistic pauses where nothing said leads to self-immolation on urban walls.

    The license-plate holder makes me breathe easier.


  • John Shore

    Blonde: You know, it HAS kind of turned into a bit of a photo-centric blog lately. I can't help it. I bought this little Kodak digital, and … then I see stuff, and … Blog Fodder!

    Sam: Really? That plate holder makes you breath easier? It makes me think of Bondage Mermaids.

  • arlywn

    yoga blu….. yoga blew….

    maybe this person was unimpressed with yoga, so he quit. like yoga blows? Or he could have really bad spelling.

  • John Shore

    Arlywn: Yes, excellent! The guy is saying, "I took yoga, and it blew. And yoga blowing was so PIVOTAL in my life that I had to commemorate it with this license plate." That's EXCELLENT.

  • wickle

    I knew a guy in 6th grade whose name was Blu. I’m not sure, looking back on it, if that was short for something else (Blue, perhaps?).

    Anyway … maybe that’s him, and he’s out in California teaching yoga these days. That’s my theory.

  • joynice


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  • John Shore

    Anita? Is that you?

  • ric booth

    John you are BAD. I just read comment #11 and now understand you umm… joke. Thanks for the laugh.

    I wonder if Anita’s ears are ringing?

  • arlywn

    john thats mean, that chick could be real and very serious and you accuse her of being another girl! On the plus side that shows you're commited to your girls… or obsessed. Or… paranoid.

  • makarios

    I didn’t know you were open to relationships. I’m in.

  • makarios

    Oh wait. My wife says I’m not allowed to do that. Sorry. I gotta go now.

  • Lisa

    Hey John,

    I asked a yoga guru friend of mine about the license plate and this was her response: "Yoga baloo ….. hullabaloo."

    Then I looked up hullabaloo on Wikipedia…..The word hullabaloo is an English noun meaning an uproar or fuss.

    The plate makes sense to me now. Ya think that's why the lil hawaiian girls on the frame?

  • Tammy Lubbers

    Why are we assuming it's a guy? That just might take us in an entire different direction.