What Was This Car Salesman Thinking?

Here's what I saw when I opened the phone box in the elevator of my dentist's office building

I was in an elevator; I opened the emergency phone box (because what else is there to do in an elevator?); what I saw’s above.

So my question is: What was the car salesman who left his card inside this elevator phone box thinking? Right after people who are stuck in elevators have desperately phoned for help, the next thing on their mind is usually buying a new car? People stuck in elevators are ready to deal?  Phones and cards with phone numbers on them shouldn’t be apart? That maybe the guy who services the phone might give him a call, so that the two of them can then go out and pal around a little?

A car salesmen purposefully left his card next to this phone, and then closed the door hiding the phone back up again. You guys are all smart. Whaddayou think the thinking was here?


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"Very true!!!!! I agree with what you said!!!"

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  • "blog fodder." I love that term.

    Sol: You must be right. He was, like, "People stuck in elevators HAVE to read something! And by God, they WILL read my card! And they WILL think of me later, when they want to buy a car!"

  • Ummm … (1) Your dentist's office has an elevator?

    (2) I don't think that I've ever opened the emergency phone box on an elevator.

    (3) You were bringing your camera to your dentist's office? For what?

    … maybe these are just California things?

  • I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. Maybe I should start carrying my digital camera around for blog fodder just like you do. You seem to be having more fun than a man should be allowed to have.

  • Wick: Yeah, my dentist's office has an elevator. Is that weird? Do you live in the Land of One Story Buildings? Or does everyone in your town have hugely muscular thighs, maybe?

    The answer to your questions 2 and 3 are connected–to angel's comment too, actually. I had my camera with me because I'm always looking for photos I can use here, and I opened the box because I thought there might be a picture there. There was!

  • Cibola

    The car salesman was stuck in the elevator and was trying to get the phone box open. He didn't have any credit cards to use to jimmy it open, all he had was a business card. In the process, it slipped inside the box and was lost, so he just had to sit down and wait for help. Nobody ever told him it was just a magnet holding it closed…

    Maybe used car salesman jokes are going to replace blond jokes.

  • I spent HOURS trying to think of how that card got there–and just like that, Cibola, you come up with the best one. PERFECT! I love it. You're a genius.

  • Well, my dentist (by which I mean, the dentist who goes to my church and whose office I visited about three years ago) is in a free-standing office, and most of the dentists I know in the area are, as well.

    I guess that I didn't think of the idea of a dentist's office in an office building.

  • I'm thinkin' someone goes through their pockets / pocketbook looking for something, finds this card that Joe Car Salesman shoved onto him/her. They quickly pick their teeth using the corners of the card before walking into the dentist office. Then the stash the evidence in the emergency elevator phone.

    Its prob on the elevator security camera.

  • “… captive audiance…”

  • Ric: You're a genius. You guys are WAY better at this than I. This is perfect. I thought ONE was the limit for how many great ones I didn't think of. Wrong!!

  • I just figured it was an ultra-needy guy trying far too desperately to find a mate.

  • arlywn

    maybe the guy realised that deep down, no one really likes car salesmen… so in his effort to better him self emotionally, he ditched the horrible reminder thats he sells cars. Now… for step 2 he’d have to actually quit the job.

  • Dewey

    It is possible that someone who had that salesman's card wanted to phone him. When they realized that phone did not have a number key pad, they closed the box forgetting the card. Or maybe a phone technician phoned the salesman using his phone that can be clipped onto the line.

    While it is fun to make fun of stereotyped car salesmen, your assumption would make more sense if the card had belonged to a lawyer. ; )

  • Want A Honda?????

    Well coming from a car salesman im sure the gentleman or lady was thinking if I leave the card here what difference would it make maybe somebody will find it and use it. We are always trying to EARN peoples business anyway we can. For some reason people tend to think we are robots and all we want to do is over charge you or rip you off in some matter! The reality is we dont have to im sure you seen your health cost and dental cost! We dont have much to work with after that! LOL A car salesmans job is never finished we always want to make friends and in the process make money. I think you would be shocked to see what the average commision on a vehicle is for a car salesman. That would be the joke of all jokes. Were no different from your doctor or lawyer or mcdonalds clerk trying to make a living and support our familys. We work very hard at our craft and deal with nasty and horrible customers because all they want to know is “WHATS THE PRICE”! The funniest thing really is that most people are so naive they walk away from unbelievible car deal where it makes me say what the hell is going on! People literally negiotiate themselves out of great deals all the time! There for we have to always work on how to generate our own business because being a car salesman is rough and difficult. You deal with irrational people and all they think is this guy is trying to rip me off. No were not we leave business cards everywhere hoping that maybe one day someone will find it and give us a call. Now I admitt that a elevator telephone is pretty awkward but at the same time what did it hurt? Worst case scenario somebody tracks you down to give you a black eye. LOL Best case scenario they call and maybe curious to what kind of deal you can offer them. I think I would take my chances and go for it personally. I will probably never see this again so I hope I have helped and have a fantastic day prey! LOL Im just joking GOSH!